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This template is based on Doujin CD Page Template's idea and created for ease of usage. An important thing to note as well is that most categories, such as Arrange CDs, circle names, and conventions, are already done by the template.


Very short description of each parameter. See below for more detailed information. Be sure to check examples first.

| musictype   =See parameters description below
| titlejp     =Japanese title
| titlejprom  =Romanized japanese title
| titleen     =English (possibly translated) title
| group       =
| groupCat    =First circle's romanized names. For categories.
| groupCat2   =
| groupCat3   =
| groupCat4   =
| released    =YYYY-MM-DD
| convention  =Convention the CD was released at
| tracks      =How many tracks of the album
| length      =Running length
| catalogno   =
| genre       =Genres
| website     =[homepage-URL Link]
| digital     =[digital-distribution-URL-1 name-of-site-1], [digital-distribution-URL-2 name-of-site-2]
| tdmd        =(Make sure this is empty if the album has not been published via Touhou Doujin Music Distribution)
| image       =Album cover filename (without File/Image prefix)
| caption     =Information to appear under the album cover
| banner      =Album banner filename (without File/Image prefix)
| banner_res  =Album banner horizontal size in pixels
| multicolumn =Set to allow for multiple staff credits columns
| arranger    =Album's arrangers
| lyricist    =Album's lyricists
| vocalist    =Album's vocalists
| producer    =Album's producers
| illustrator =Album art's illustrators
| designer    =Album's designers
| masterer    =Album's mastering staff
| other_staff =If above parameters are not applicable, use this parameter to add such as Violinist or Guitarist
| no_intro    =Set this value to remove the first template generated sentence
| non_album   =Set for non-albums
| autogendesc =Auto generate part of the description parameter
| description =Information to put after the introduction before the Staff section
| tracklist   =The tracklist, please see below for more info
| notes       =Information to put after the tracklist
| review      =Album's review
| print_references = yes (set it to yes only if you've used <ref> tags)


If this article is about official ZUN's CD, write "Official CDs" here. If this article is an original album by a Touhou music circle, write "Original CDs". Otherwise, delete this line (must be deleted, not simply left blank, otherwise the navigation bar will not load). Older articles have music type filled with "Arrange CDs", that use is now deprecated.
Japanese name of the album, if it contains Japanese words. If not, leave empty and use titleen instead.
Romanization of Japanese name, if applicable.
English translation of title, if original title is Japanese. If title is English, it goes here.
Group (doujin circle, label) that released the album. Use links here, like this: [[IOSYS]]. If album is collaborative, put several group names here, using comma and "and" as delimeters.
Fill these fields with romanized circle name. Find other albums by the group to find established one. It will be used for categorization and navigation box at the bottom.
Date when the album was released, in 2011-02-14 format.
Fill in the name of convention the album was released at. For example, Comiket 79.
The number of CD tracks in this album. It's OK to write in form "x+y", if the album contains several CDs.
Total running length in format HH:MM:SS. Hours can be omitted, if zero.
Catalog number. Leave this empty if there is none, it will automatically be set to n/a.
Filename of the file with album cover. If available, use catalog number for the filename. In case of name collisions or when number is unavailable, use album title.
Text to appear under the album cover. (eg. '''Cover Art:''' [[Parsee Mizuhashi]])
A small banner, that circles usually put on the album's site.
The size to be used for the banner, if left blank the default is 200 wide. Enter "x" before the number to indicated a vertical resolution. Example "300" for 300 pixels wide, "x60" for 60 pixels tall.
Set any value to allow multiple columns in the staff credits section, once set simply place {{MusicArticle/Divider}} at the start of a new line in the credits to begin a new column. MusicArticle/Divider's first parameter can be set to format the new columns style (eg. "text-align: center;", see Wikipedia:Help:Table for more info on table style options).
Use the Genre template to link to different genres.
|genre = {{Genre|Electronic}}, {{Genre|Instrumental}}, {{Genre|Trance}}
Put preformatted link to the web page here, if available. If there's no separate link to the album's page, link to the circle's page instead.
Put a series of pre-formatted links to pages offering the album digitally. If the album is free or only available in a bundle, this should be noted. Do not link to pirated copies.
Put 'y' (or any other nonempty string) if the album has bee published via Touhou Doujin Music Distribution, and leave it blank otherwise.
These fields are for names of people who contributed to this album. If several vocalists sung in this album, write them like this:
| vocalist =First
Note that these fields essentially duplicate staff specified per-track. Write them here anyway, as it's handy to know whether favorite vocalist appears in this album or doesn't at the first glance.
Also note that if any of these parameters begin with a semicolon (;) the header will be overridden (eg. beginning the arranger parameter with" ; Arrangement and Compositions" will result in the header being displayed as Arrangement and Compositions as apposed to Arrangement)
Known Limitation: parameters that exceed 1000 characters will not be able to use the semicolon override, removing hover text is a potential work around as the H:title template adds minimum 50+ characters each time it's used.
other (deprecated)
If there are staff members that can't be classified by fields above, lay out definition list here.
| other_staff = 
Set this value to remove the template generated first sentence so that there is nothing before the "description" parameter. If the value is set please retain a format that is similar to the template generated format as the beginning of the description parameter.
'''"titleen"''' (''"titlejp"'' "titlejprom") is the second compilation [[Wikipedia:Dōjin_music|doujin album]] by "group" and was released at "convention" ("released").
Use this to specify when the MusicArticle is for non-albums such as Singles, EPs, Drama CDs, etc. The text !doujin will link to Wikipedia's doujin article, (eg. "!doujin Drama CD" will come back as "doujin Drama CD")
A parameter used to auto generate the first editor entered line of the description (An album featuring vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from etc.), to use simply enter the type of arrangements featured on the album into the parameter (eg. "vocal and instrumental"), enter "?" to leave unspecified. This parameter requires the game title abbreviation templates be used to function, also note that <nowiki /> can be used to start the description parameter as a new paragraph (See description parameter's explanation for more details).
Free-form field that will be printed right after the introduction at the same line. It should begin with a sentence formatted something like this:
| description =It features vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from ''[[Touhou English Title 1]]'', ''[[Touhou English Title 2]]'' and ''[[Touhou English Title 3]]''.

After which you may write something about the album itself, about its popularity, or other facts. If you need to start a new paragraph without writing anything on that line, use the following hack:

| description =<nowiki />

New paragraph starts here.
The most important field. It's described in separate section below.
Use this when you want to add something just after the tracklist. Notes about tracks, for example.
Write your own opinion about the album. Don't forget to sign, like on talk pages (--~~~~)
Set this field to "yes" if you've used any <ref> tags[1]. That way template will print "References" section.

Track list[edit]

First, two examples:

*{{Track|01|Gorgeous Guardian|04:31}}
**original title: {{lang|ja|上海紅茶館 ~}} Chinese Tea
**source: {{EoSD}}

*{{Track|01|{{lang|ja|チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室}}|04:35|lyrics=Lyrics: チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室}}
**''Cirno's Perfect Math Class''
**arrangement: ARM
**lyrics: {{lang|ja|夕野ヨシミ}}
**original title: {{lang|ja|おてんば恋娘}}
**source: {{EoSD}}

Each track list entry consists of title line and of zero or more additional lines.

Title line is usually composed from asterix and Track template. Older articles don't use that template, because it was introduced relatively recently. Please refer to its documentation, and fill in as many options as possible.

Following fields starts with two asterisks (denoting the second level list). The first one, if applicable, is translated track title in italics. The next ones have key: value form.

feel free to use your own, not listed here
original title
Title of the song the arrange is based on. Always use original japanese title. Consult corresponding game's music list, if not sure.
The game name. Use abbreviation templates, if possible. Write original title first, and then source. If several songs were used from the game, write several original titles followed by a single source.

Additional Parameters[edit]

There are several parameters for adding chronology and PV sections to the infobox.

| chronology  =Chronology title
| chrono_prev =Previous in chronology
| chrono_next =Next in chronology
| promo_video =List of PVs
Chronology name (eg. "Touhou Keyboard Cat" for BUTAOTOME's 東方猫鍵盤 albums)
Previous release in chronological order, please format as such: ''[[album]]''<br>(year)
Next release in chronological order, please format as such: ''[[album]]''<br>(year)
Promotional videos from the album to be displayed using numbered lists. eg.,
#"[[Lyrics: 月に憑かれたウサギ|{{lang|ja|月に憑かれたウサギ}}]]" <br/>Video links: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLrlpvnE_OY Youtube], [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24153200 niconic]
#"[[Lyrics: Find the way|Find the way]]" <br/>Video links: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS9DNZLsENc&t=0s Youtube], [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31694851 niconico]

Which will return as;

  1. "月に憑かれたウサギ"
    Video links: Youtube, niconic
  2. "Find the way"
    Video links: Youtube, niconico


Before creating your own page, visit existing ones first. If you can't find any article to get an example, here is a small list for you.


  1. Like this one.