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Touhou Maidens' Orchestra (東方乙女囃子 Touhou Otome Bayashi) is a music album by IOSYS released on 2006-08-13 (Comiket 70). The second IOSYS Touhou album.


夕野ヨシミ, ARM
モタ (motor home)
宮戸 建



  • After this CD was released, the singer 藤咲かりん changed her name into miko.
  • Track 4 is rearranged in the album Ruby and Aquamarine of OTAKU-ELITE Recordings for 月夜に二人で翔け出す程度の能力, and in the album 東方月燈籠セーフ! of IOSYS for オーディエンスを沸かす程度の能力.
  • The name of track 6 is, of course, a parody of Flandre's theme "U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?".
  • Track 7 incorporates melodies from the Russian folk song Katyusha.
  • Track 8 is a parody of "Supuu no Ekaki Uta" from "Okaasan to Issho", a Japanese children's show.
  • Track 9 is in some parts very similar to the Giygas Battle music from Earthbound. Why the name is including "Sapporo" — biggest city in Hokkaidou — is that the original members of IOSYS were formed by the stundents of Hokkaidou University, which stands in Sapporo City.
  • Track 10 comes from the Japanese idiom "I have caught here for the first time in hundredth years" (ここで会ったが百年目, Koko de atta ga hyaku nen me), which is the phrase that it has been long before an avenger met the villain.


IOSYS's second Touhou album.

Along with IOSYS's first album, this album is very hit and miss. Also, the style varies so greatly it's tough to really give a general review. It's got (almost) gabber, a rappish hardcore remix, comedy tracks, and just arranges. The tracks that are good, are very very good though.

Standout tracks

01. 惑いて来たれ、遊惰な神隠し 〜 Border of Death

  • This track is ridiculously cool. Guitars, screaming, and flash videos. A fantastic arrangement of Yukari's famous song.

02. 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました

  • This track is hilarious. You can almost imagine Shanghai and Hourai singing this or something. The flash video for this piece also adds greatly to the experience. Cool-and-Create/10

05. 黄昏寺院の夢

  • No flash video this time, but instead a rather mysterious, and cool Ancient Temple arrange. Starts out very very mysterious, and you delve into the temple. A wonderful, more serious track.

11. 主にフロアを操る程度の能力

  • When I first heard this I thought wow these vocals are terrible, but I couldn't stop listening, and it got horribly stuck in my head. A very unique arrange of Colorful Path, which is also a great song.

Recommended to :

  • Fans of joke arranges
  • Fans of many styles
  • People who can deal with hit and miss albums

Not recommended to :

  • Fans of only one style
  • Fans of arranges faithful to their original score.