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This template is to display Music Room title and comments. It has been updated by Darkslime and NamelessLegacy; please leave comments on the discussion page.

For longer music comments or related stories spanning multiple paragraphs, please use the MusicRoom/CD template.


Make sure the page contains at least one section heading placed before the first call to this template. Like

==Music List==

Then, implement the code below for every single track.

| category    =Music Category (COMPULSORY)
| title       =Music Title (If the title was originally in English, leave this blank)
| roma        =Romanized Music Title (should follow the wiki's romanization standards, leave blank if the title was originally in English)
| titleen     =Translated Music Title (COMPULSORY)
| composer    =Track composer (Include if a soundtrack was composed by more than one person)
| comment     =Comment
| translation =Translated Comment
| note        =Optional translation notes or trivia about the theme

The following elements are optional. They are intended for commentary sources outside a game's Music Room screen (such as omake text files) or if the comment is split into multiple logical parts (like in SoEW's case, FM and MIDI versions). Up to 4 different sources (source1, source2, source3 and source4) can be used.

Please note that you don't have to use all of those in one template call. If you think it looks better to have the sources seperated (and not labeled in every single template call), you can use those in another section on the same page. Just keep the numbering.

| source1      =Source name (optional)
| comment1     =
| translation1 =
| note1        =