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This is mainly used at the List of Spell Cards to link to a specific Spell Card in a game, to a stage and to the number of the Spell Card.

{{SC|g= |s= |n= |m= }}


g= [edit]

Game. In g you can only give specific answers. You can give any abbreviation from any Windows game or The Grimoire of Marisa.
  • g=EoSD , g=PCB , g=IaMP , g=IN , g=PoFV , g=StB , g=MoF , g=SWR , g=SA , g=UFO , g=HSTS , g=DS , g=FW , g=TD , g=GoM, g=HM, g=DDC

s= [edit]

Stage. s is for giving the stage number. You only have to give a number, letter, or a number and letter.
  • s=1 , s=2 , s=3 , s=4 , s=4, s=5 , s=6 , s=EX
    • These can be given when g=EoSD , g=PCB , g=IN , g=StB , g=MoF , g=SA , g=UFO , g=DS , g=FW, g=TD, g=ISC
  • s=4A, s=A-1
    • Acceptable for IN and FW respectively.
  • Special designations
    • s=PH
      • Only when g=PCB. For Phantasm.
    • s=LW
      • Only when g=IN. For Last Word.
    • s=SP
      • Only when g=DS. For Spoiler.
    • s=OV
      • Only when g=TD . For Overdrive.
    • For games or works without actual stages. It can be used when g=IaMP , g=PoFV , g=SWR , g=HSTS , g=GoM, g=HM
      • Example: s=Tenshi Hinanawi

n= [edit]

Number. n is the number of the Spell Card. Just fill in a number from 1, 01 or 001 to 999 (though, a 999th Spell Card doesn't exist.) Just look at the Spell Card page and see which number it is.
  • Example: s=283 (Normal Spell Card)
  • Example: s=1 , s=EX (For PoFV)
  • Example: s=5 - 2 (For Aya's photo games, and ISC)

m= [edit]

Mode. This has special uses.
For the fighting games, m is used if the name on the Spell Card page IS NOT "Spell Card xxx".
  • m=sk If it is a Skill Card.
  • m=st If it is a Spell Card Story Mode.
m is also used to link to The Grimoire of Marisa. There are three options.
a, b or c.
  • m=a if after the name 's Spell Cards is shown.
  • m=b if after the name 's Spell Card is shown. (Note that there is only one card.)
  • m=c if after the name ' Spell Cards is shown. (Only used for linking to the Prismriver Sisters page.)


After all this information you still do not have a example.

First Example[edit]

You want the Spell Card Plenty Sign "Owotoshi Harvester" from Minoriko Aki linking to the Spell Card page of Mountain of Faith. How?

  • First, it is Mountain of Faith, or short: MoF.
  • The Spell Card is at the first stage.
  • The number is 7.

Now we know that we can fill it in.

  • The game is MoF, that should be in g=MoF
  • The stage is number 1. s=1
  • The number of the card is 7. n=7

So we finally get: {{SC|g=MoF|s=1|n=7}} which will show up as MoF.

Second Example[edit]

You want the Spell Card Evil Light "Devilry Light Ray" from Alice Margatroid in Immaterial and Missing Power to link to that Spell Card.

  • Now it is Immaterial and Missing Power, or IaMP.
  • It is a Spell Card from Alice Margatroid.
  • It is the 3rd card in the list.
  • It is a Spell Card Story Mode.

Let's fill in.

  • The game is IaMP, that should be in g=IaMP
  • The user is Alice Margatroid. s=Alice Margatroid
  • The number of the card is 3. n=3
  • We have to use m= , with Spell Card Story Mode in mind. So it should be m=st

So we get: {{SC|g=IaMP|s=Alice Margatroid|n=3|m=st}}. IaMP.