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This article describes the story of Ten Desires in detail.


Approximately 1400 years ago, Seiga Kaku meets Toyosatomimi no Miko and decides to teach her the secrets of Taoism. When Miko told Seiga of her political aspiriations, Seiga suggested she should appear to convert to Buddhism. After a long holy war, Miko managed to spread Buddhism throughout Japan while covertly conducting her experiments with Taoism. Those experiments took a toll on her health, so Miko became a shikaisen and put herself and Mononobe no Futo under a deep sleep, hoping to be later resurrected. However, Buddhist monks placed seals on the mausoleum, which prevented her resurrection.

Eventually, after tales of her deeds became mere legend, Miko transported her mausoleum to Gensokyo.

After the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, Byakuren Hijiri built her temple on top of the mausoleum.


The story begins with a peaceful day in Gensokyo, when suddenly an abundance of divine spirits show up. The four heroines, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and Youmu Konpaku are finding this unusual. Depending on who you choose, one of them goes out to investigate.

Main Scenario

The heroine first investigates in Hakugyokurou and encounters Yuyuko Saigyouji. The heroine accuses Yuyuko of not taking care of the spirits properly. Yuyuko has a small battle with the heroine. Yuyuko is defeated and states that they are actually 'divine spirits', and Yuyuko doesn't know much about them. Yuyuko suggests they may be from the graveyard of the Myouren Temple.

As the heroine heads to the temple, she runs into Kyouko Kasodani, the guard of the Myouren Temple. Kyouko is quickly defeated and the heroine heads on.

The heroine heads inside the temple. While investigating, she encounters Kogasa Tatara, who claims to be attempting to scare Byakuren, but is being stopped by a guard. Kogasa asks the heroine to banish the guard, however the heroine attacks Kogasa. Once Kogasa is defeated, the heroine meets the guard, Yoshika Miyako. Yoshika was resurrected to guard the mausoleum. Yoshika is ultimately defeated and the heroine enters the mausoleum.

Once the heroine made it into the mausoleum, the heroine finds that there are more divine spirits. The heroine encounters Seiga Kaku. It is then revealed that Seiga resurrected Yoshika in order to make sure the mausoleum is guarded. With the assistance of Yoshika, Seiga battles the heroine. The heroine defeats the pair and proceeds further into the mausoleum.

The heroine goes in further and meets Soga no Tojiko, who attacks the heroine. Tojiko is quickly defeated and the heroine continues investigating. Eventually, the heroine encounters Mononobe no Futo. The heroine fights with Futo and Futo is ultimately defeated.

At last, the heroine heads into the deepest part of the mausoleum and sees a ton of divine spirits. As the heroine makes her way through, she encounters a holy saint, Toyosatomimi no Miko. Miko had just been resurrected and it turns out that the divine spirits were gathering to witness the resurrection of their holy saint, Miko. The heroine and Miko have a fierce battle. The heroine is victorious.


Bad Endings

Victory was reached but was costly and the heroine decides to retreat for a mix of reasons and plans for another attempt. Youmu's differs as it has Youmu saying she should stick to gardening but finds no peace in it with things as they are.

Normal endings


Reimu and Marisa are talking at the shrine about the incident and the people involved with it ending with both wondering they would end up. A few days later, Reimu encounters Miko coming out of the ground. Miko apologizes for the battle and remarks on her potential as she invites her to her home which can be reached anywhere Miko wishes. Reimu goes with and is amazed by the place.


Marisa's still at the Great Mausoleum. Talking with Miko about her ability and the desires of the divine spirits (one of the pictures has one of them saying "I want to see the secret endings!" and other gives a gameplay tip) dealing with them. Marisa ends up giving up on trying to use them as it notes the spirits vanished after her awakening and suggesting Miko was a greater divine spirit.


She's at her room in the Moriya shrine reading up about the feud between Futo and Tojiko's clans (from a 6th grade history textbook). She thinks about asking those two before Suwako interrupts with demands for dinner. At dinner, Sanae's confused by how a old bearded guy on an old 10,000¥ bill and one of the hermits she met are supposedly the same person. It notes how she didn't care for science or history that she'd try reading up some and that being in Gensokyo she has no access to current rumors from the outside world, one of which was that Prince Shoutoku was a sham and that Sanae doesn't realize that's the cause of the incident.


She's reporting to Yuyuko about the incident, noting she didn't understand why the divine spirits was decreasing. The report gets to the center of the incident and the notion of the resurrection they used. Upon hearing it Yuyuko decides to try it herself (unaware of why it'd fail) and a while later, Yuyuko gets tired of it, leaving a mess for Youmu to clean though she offers to read up on it but Yuyuko's already given up on the notion. Youmu then ponders why her master would want that as well as the nature of her enemies. She then wonders the difference of those seeking immortality and those that don't.

Parallel endings


Reimu's about to eat when Seiga pops through a wall who explains her tool then remarks on her power being based on Taoism as she attempts to persuade Reimu to train under her. It notes Seiga's interest in powerful humans and noting her attention is not a good thing.


Marias's doing a strange dance/exercise outside her house. It explains why she's doing it: hearing about taoism from Seiga (though it states she heard it from Kasen first) and seeing Miko and Futo being practical examples, she decides to try being a Taoist as well. She considers breaking a sweat a good sign. The ending states it's impossible to do that though it might extend her life slightly.


Sanae's in Senkai (though it's not called as such yet) training under Futo as a Taoist as she thinks by gathering divine spirits, she can gain faith, but so far she hasn't seen any results. It then notes Shinto's ties to Buddhism and taoism from Asia and that Sanae realized that trying to gather faith without the fact was useless (with its title saying she'd convert right back to Shintoism)


At Hakugyokuro, Youmu's telling Yuyuko that she realized she was a hermit all along and that she can fly as one of the powers (never mind the fact that flight is a very common thing), with Yuyuko acting surprise. It reveals Youmu more or less brainwashed herself into thinking that way and it was partially due to a fever. It goes on to state that Yuyuko was bragging about it and talking about supernatural powers, something Youmu was terribly embarrassed about when she snapped out of it.

Spoilers end here.

Extra Stage

The heroine takes a look around the new Myouren Temple, prompted by the rumors of the youkai there getting a powerful ally. While having a look, an angry Nue Houjuu comes out and attacks the heroine in anger. However, Nue is defeated. Eventually, the heroine meets Mamizou Futatsuiwa who is that trump card, but finds there's no real threat. Out of boredom, they have a long battle and the heroine once again is triumphant.