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Ten Desires/Story/Prologue

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 Story   Reimu's Scenario
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The Hakurei Shrine, a shrine far away from the Human Village.

The black and white world that once froze the earth was over, and Gensokyo was now regaining its natural beauty.
It is a spring in which divine spirits dance with the cherry blossoms.

 霊夢 「桜は綺麗なんだけどねぇ」

Reimu "Well at least the cherry blossoms are pretty..."


Marisa "Aren't the pretty cherry blossoms good enough?"

桜が咲けばそれを楽しまない生き物など幻想郷にはいない。博麗霊夢と霧雨魔理沙の二人も、その生き物であった。 There is no living creature in Gensokyo that doesn't enjoy watching the cherry blossoms. Both Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are two of such of creatures.

 霊夢 「でも何か嫌な予感がするんだよねぇ」

Reimu "...But I have a bad feeling about this."


Marisa "What a coincidence. Me too."



The cherry blossoms continued to fall relentlessly. If you miss this opportunity, there will be no chances for flower viewing until the season of the wisteria flowers.

Even so, neither was in the mood for a party under the cherry trees.

何故か。 Why indeed?
それは正体不明の霊が漂っては消えたりしていたからだ。 It is because unknown floating spirits would appear and disappear.

 霊夢 「何か、前にこんな幽霊だらけの春があったよね」

Reimu "Wasn't there a spring when everything was full of ghosts like these?"


Marisa "Yeah, but I don't think we could go flower viewing that time.
'Cause there was hardly any spring."

 霊夢 「そうねぇ、あの時は冥界の奴らの所為だったんだよねぇ」

Reimu "Oh yeah. That time, it was the work of those from the Netherworld."

 魔理沙 「そうだ、霊が絡む事はみんなあいつらの所為だもんな」

Marisa "Yeah, anything involving phantoms is certainly their work."

 霊夢 「そうそう、そういう事にしておけば問題ないもんね」

Reimu "Exactly. Putting it like that keeps things so much simpler."

現在漂っている正体不明の霊、それはただの幽霊や、最近現れた地霊ではない事は明白であった。 But it was clear that the unknown floating spirits weren't ghosts or earth spirits that came to the surface recently.
それは神霊。神様になる筈の霊である。 They were divine spirits, the souls of the soon-to-be gods.


Typically, many divine spirits make the shrine their home, but actually these ethereal spirits could live just about anywhere.

Such divine spirits were troubling the girls.

 魔理沙 「こんなんじゃ明日、花見できないな。

Marisa "If things go on like this, we won't be able to go flower viewing tomorrow.
All right, then!"

 霊夢 「よし?」

Reimu "All right?"

 魔理沙 「あ、ん。何でも無いぜ。

Marisa "Oh, hm. It's nothing.
Yeah, I wonder what these strange spirits are?"

 霊夢 「なんとかするかー。

Reimu "Guess I'll do something about it...
I'll have to investigate why these guys appeared in the first place."

思い立ったが吉日。二人は我先にと調査に出かけた。その夜のうちに。 "There's no time like the present". Both of them set out to investigate, each looking to be the first one to solve the incident. They set out that very night.

―― 一方、山の神社にも異変が起きていた。


—— Meanwhile, the phenomenon had also manifested at the mountain shrine.

At the Moriya Shrine on Youkai Mountain, the strange spirits were also appearing near the shrine maiden, Sanae Kochiya.

早苗は不思議に思ったが、それは幽霊などではない事に気付いた。 Sanae thought it was strange, but noticed that they were not phantoms.


These spirits were divine spirits.

They were beings of the same nature as Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako.

神霊が生まれる原因は、非常に強い人間の欲や想い、恐怖、感情である。本来、神霊が直接人間に危害を与える事は少ないが、何らかの強い欲がなければ生まれない筈だ。例えば、豊穣祈願や厄除けといった……。 Divine spirits are born from intense human emotions such as greed and fear. Divine spirits rarely cause direct harm to humans, but they would not be born without a desire strong enough to cause it. For example, prayers for a great harvest, or protection from misfortune...


Sanae decided she could use this opportunity.

Gathering divine spirits is the same thing as collecting human desires. It is equivalent to gathering faith.

しかし、何故突然神霊があちこちで生まれるようになったのか判らない。そんな強い欲が幻想郷を渦巻いているようにも見えない。 But she could not figure out why divine spirits began forming everywhere. She hasn't seen such a strong desire that was swirling over Gensokyo.
早苗はその原因を探ることにした。 Sanae decided to investigate the cause.

―― 死後の世界。冥界。


—— The world after death. The Netherworld.

The incident was also happening in the Netherworld. A different kind of spirit had begun appearing among the phantoms. Well, to be exact, the divine spirits were appearing continuously from the ghosts only to disappear, appear and disappear, over and over.



Youmu Konpaku, the gardener of the Netherworld, was baffled.

Naturally, she felt divine spirits being born from her own body as well.

その神霊はすぐに消えてしまう儚い物であったが、僅かに意思を感じる事が出来た。いや、生まれたばかりの神霊に意思などあるのだろうか。芽生えたばかりの植物が持つ向光性の様な物だろうが、半分人間、半分幽霊の彼女には感じ取ることが出来た。 The divine spirit were fleeting things that disappeared almost instantly, but she could feel their faint wills. That is, if newborn divine spirits could be said to have wills in the first place. It might have been something like a newborn plant instinctively bending towards the sun, but a half-human, half-phantom like herself could feel it.
その向かう先は人間の里がある方面。 They were headed in the direction of the human village.
そう思ったとき、人間の里の方面がぼやーっと明るくなっているように見えた。 Once she considered it, she saw that the Human Village seemed to be emanating a faint glow.

 妖夢 「そうか。

Youmu "I get it now.
The divine spirits are not only born from me, but from all living things."

庭の手入れを中断し早速調査に出かける事にした、のだが……。 She then suspended her gardening work and decided to investigate without delay, but....

―― 神霊は自分を受け入れてくれる人を求めているようだった。


—— The divine spirits seemed to be looking for one who would accept them.

Within the dark, earthy mausoleum... The faint light of the spirits illuminated their surroundings, but were soon swallowed by the darkness, unable to bring the whole story to light.



At that point, the divine spirits understood.

Each one of our desires, like earning a lot and not wanting to get hit by danmaku, much less wanting to use a spell card... one who would accept such small desires exists only within a fantasy. Such desires do not naturally come to fruition without one's own effort.



Even so, hanging on to their one ray of hope, the divine spirits made their way through the darkness with all their heart and soul.

And, without knowing the reason for their own birth, they returned to nothingness.

その様子を見てほくそ笑む者がいた事に気付かぬまま果てるのだ。 They perished, unaware that someone was watching them and chuckling.
As her resurrection drew near, she began to smile—

And she vowed her vengeance.

 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario
 Sanae's Scenario
 Youmu's Scenario