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The English transcript of Ten Desires for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.




Other Translations[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

A list of translations of the spell cards appearing in Ten Desires.


Intro Screen[edit]

This game is a work of fiction. All characters and organizations that appear have entered Gensokyo.

Difficulty Levels[edit]

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

健康長寿祈願 Easy Mode 死ににくいです。少しでも長生きしたい方に
Prayer for Health and Long Life Easy Mode Hard to die.
For those who want to live long as possible.
交通安全祈願 Normal Mode 安全な道を見つけましょう。良い旅を
Prayer for Traffic Safety Normal Mode Find a safe way to go.
Have a nice trip.
商売繁盛祈願 Hard Mode 腕に覚えがあれば稼ぎも出来るでしょう
Prayer for Business Prosperity Hard Mode If you're confident in your abilities.
You should be able to make a profit.
IT情報安全祈願 Lunatic Mode 神頼みでは何ともなりません。遊ぶな
Prayer for IT Data Security Lunatic Mode Asking gods for help is pointless.
Don't play this.
弾幕除け祈願 Extra Stage あー、弾幕が避けられます様に。パンパン
Prayer for Protection from Danmaku Extra Mode Aah, may I be able to dodge danmaku.
Clap clap.

Stage Titles[edit]

There are six stages in the full version of the game, plus one extra stage:

Stage 1 「死してなお、愉しく」 Enjoyment, Even in Death
Stage 2 「門前の妖怪、習わぬ経を読む」 The Youkai Before the Gate, Reading a Sutra She Never Learned
Stage 3 「直線の楽園」 A Straight Line Paradise
Stage 4 「加速する嗜欲」 Accelerating Luxury
Stage 5 「隠然たるモノの血」 Blood of Those with Hidden Power
Stage 6 「和を持って尊しと成す」 Hold Harmony Sacred
Extra Stage 「反逆ののろしを上げろ!」 Raise the Flag of Rebellion!

Main Game[edit]

Reimu Hakurei[edit]

The Shrine Maiden of the Five Desires
Hakurei Reimu
"All these increasing mysterious divine spirits are annoying!"
Angered by the small divine spirits born everywhere.

 ショット  :高速時 ホーミングアミュレット
       :低速時 パスウェイジョンニードル

 特殊能力  :霊界時、小神霊が勝手に集まってくる

The Cheat-like Automatic Type

Unfocused shot: Homing Amulet
Focused shot: Persuasion Needle
Spell card: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal"

Special ability: During spirit world, small divine spirits gather towards you.

Has a small hitbox.
Extra Mode[edit]
The youkai bared their fangs, quaking at the return of the saint.
"I don't care who it is-if it's a youkai, I'll just exterminate it!"

Marisa Kirisame[edit]

The Greedy Magician
Kirisame Marisa
"There's a lot of these strange spirits gathering, interesting!"
The true form of these small divine spirits is a whisper of human greed, and the greed will call upon greedy humans.

 ショット  :高速時 イリュージョンレーザー
       :低速時 マジックミサイル

 特殊能力  :霊界での攻撃力が高く移動速度も速い

The Trusty Power Type

Unfocused shot: Illusionary Laser
Focused shot: Magic Missile
Spell card: Love Sign "Master Spark" (恋符「マスタースパーク」)

Special ability: High attack and speed during spirit world
Easier to pick up items
Extra Mode[edit]
The youkai bared their fangs, quaking at the return of the saint.
"Is that person Miko really that scary?"

Sanae Kochiya[edit]

The Shrine Maiden of Selfish Desires
Kochiya Sanae
"No matter what kind of divine spirits they are, they're valuable to the shrine!"
People's greed is the reasonable kind of merit as faith is human's greed.

 ショット  :高速時 マイティウィンド
       :低速時 ウィンドブラスト

 特殊能力  :霊界ゲージの回復が早い
The Comforting Wide Type

Unfocused shot: Mighty Wind
Focused shot: Wind Blast
Spell card: Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy"

Special ability: Charges spirit world gauge faster
Extra Mode[edit]
「また新手の妖怪ですね? どんな奴かしら」
The youkai bared their fangs, quaking at the return of the saint.
"A new kind of youkai? I wonder what it is."

Youmu Konpaku[edit]

The Half-Spirit with Desires of Death
Konpaku Youmu
"The Netherworld has limited space, so I'll cut down all the extras!"
Couldn't leave the mysterious divine spirits as they are, so she goes to investigate.

 ショット  :高速時 剣気
        溜撃ち 結跏趺斬

 特殊能力  :低速移動中のあたり判定が極端に小さい

The Fierce Attacking Iaido Type

Unfocused shot: Sword Aura
Focused shot: Lotus Stance Cut

  • Cannot fire normal shot while in focus. (Note By focusing, Youmu charges a powerful sword slash)

Spell card: Voidness Sword "Slash Clearing the Six Senses"

Special ability During focused movement, the hitbox is extremely small.

During spirit world, attack power is high.
Extra Mode[edit]
The youkai bared their fangs, quaking at the return of the saint.
"I came to this temple like Lady Yuyuko asked, but..."

English Patch[edit]

The English translation patch is available for download at Gensokyo.org. To use it, you need to be running version the latest version 1.00c, which can be obtained here.