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Tenshi Hinanawi
çinanai tẽɕi (♫)
Tenshi Hinanai
Tenshi Hinanawi
Tenshi Hinanawi in Antinomy of Common Flowers
Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception
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Manipulation of earth, identification of one's spirit (Sword of Hisou)





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"I know, if you've nothing to do how about killing some time with me?"
"You're the one with too much time on your hands, you know."
Tenshi Hinanawi and Yuyuko Saigyouji (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Stage 1)

Tenshi Hinanawi (比那名居 天子 Hinanawi Tenshi) is the main antagonist of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She's the "Eldest Daughter" (総領娘 souryou musume) of the Hinanawi clan, as referred to by Iku Nagae, that resides in Heaven. Being in heaven, she has a rather carefree life which she considers boring.

General Information[edit]

Tenshi first appeared in Reimu Hakurei's scenario as the final boss of the fighting game Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and was a recurring final boss for most other characters; she's also an unlockable playable character. She later appeared as a target in Double Spoiler, was a background character in Hopeless Masquerade and was one of the Final Day bosses in Impossible Spell Card. Like some other characters, Tenshi was left out of Symposium of Post-mysticism because "they have nothing to do with Kanako, Hijiri or Miko".[1]


In her official profile, Tenshi is described as being "sheltered upbringing", selfish and top of the world. Despite being a celestial, she is very earthly and lacks charisma. That's not surprising, however, because she became a celestial only because the entire Hinanawi family became celestials when the Nawi became divine spirits. Therefore, she lacks awareness of what it means to be a celestial.

She is described as "delinquent". An overly privileged environment had a negative effect on her playful nature. She doesn't consider what her actions mean to other people. She also has absolute confidence in her abilities, and gets mad if someone insults them. ZUN jokingly described her as having "a rather 'nice' personality."[1]



Although it's not because Tenshi has undergone special training, she is extraordinarily strong and tough. This toughness is to the extent that she cannot be pierced by Sakuya Izayoi's knives[2]. This seems to be an effect of heavenly peaches; when one eats them, it forges one's body to one's convenience. Heaven doesn't have normal food apart from the peaches, so all celestials probably eat these peaches and strengthen their bodies.

Manipulating the Earth

Earthquakes, land subsidence, landslides, etc. - her effective range is narrow, but she is able to manipulate them at will. It is similar to Suwako Moriya's "creating kun (the Earth)", but Suwako's ability is mainly for the sake of constructing various geographical features and creating countries, whereas Tenshi's ability is mainly a power to calm and cause (land-related) natural disasters.

Identifying one's spirit

By using the Sword of Hisou, she can identify one's spirit no matter what the circumstances.

Ability to manipulate "sky, earth and people"

Even with just the keystone and the Sword of Hisou, she would still probably still be able to manipulate all three of "sky, earth and people". The Sword of Hisou has power related to "sky" and "people", and the keystone has power related to "Earth".


Keystones come in different sizes and shapes.

A Keystone (要石 kaname-ishi) is a holy rock object that can (among other properties) invoke or suppress earthquakes, wrapped in shimenawa. Based on what Eirin Yagokoro said, it is a heavy object made of black granite. Only those of Hinanawi households are able to handle, insert and remove the keystone before they became celestials, and other celestials are not able to use it. Tenshi uses keystones in many ways, including: as danmaku weapons, launched as a drill, as a cushion to sit on, as a bludgeon to attack with and for standing on. As the keystone was originally for calming earthquakes, if the keystone, which stores distorted energy of the Earth, was ever removed or destroyed, then an earthquake occurs. Since causing earthquakes in this manner takes time and is difficult to use in battle, that is probably the reason it wasn't used much in battle.

Sword of Hisou
Tenshi and her sword, as shown in Grimoire of Marisa.

The Sword of Hisou is a celestial tool and one of Tenshi's tools. The sword cannot be used other than by celestials. It is able to gather and accumulate the surrounding spirit and convert it into energy. Moreover, it is able to cut up this spirit itself. Upon releasing the opponent's spirit and identifying the type of the opponent's spirit, it is also able to control the accumulated spiritual energy and convert it into the spirit of the opponent's weakness, and attack using their weakness. First, the sword converts the opponent's spiritual nature into scarlet mist, then into a form that can be seen. Once the opponent's nature has been revealed, the sword can change itself to channel the most effective attributes to counter that nature. The spiritual nature evoked by the sword takes the form of weather, which is why it somehow looks flexible. Also, spirits slashed by the sword become scarlet mist. This mist can be used to influence and control the weather. The sword is also durable enough to channel the powerful strength of the celestials, allowing Tenshi to rupture the Earth or even cause earthquakes in the surrounding area. Tenshi can also evoke the gathered scarlet energies of living beings through the sword, creating an immensely destructive beam that inflicts grievous injury upon her opponents. The fact that Tenshi can draw the weapon from seemingly nowhere, it means that the shape-shifting properties of the sword does not have to be stored anywhere on Tenshi's body at any time without taking up space, suggesting that it is spiritually summoned into battle by its wielder.


Tenshi was originally a human named Chiko and was part of the Hinanawi clan who served the Nawi clan. When the Nawi clan passed away, they were enshrined as divine spirits and became the Nawi-No-kami. Due to this, the entire Hinanawi clan ascended to Heaven as a reward for serving the Nawi clan, and they became celestials.

However, because they became celestials by serving the Nawi clan, as opposed to training, they lacked the reputation expected of a celestial and were labeled as "bad" celestials. Chiko also ascended to a celestial with her family despite being so young. It was here she renamed herself "Tenshi". However, because she lacked any training or discipline of a celestial, she became incredibly spoiled, to the point she found the Heaven that so many on earth desired, boring, and ended up envying the exciting life of people on earth.

Character Design[edit]

A sketch by ZUN, shown on MAGNet.


Her full name is Tenshi Hinanawi (比那名居 天子). In Tenshi (天子), it has ten (, "sky, heaven") and shi (, "child"), which is a common ending for girl's names, so the literal meaning of her first name is "The child of heaven". Incidentally, the word tenshi (天子) is used to refer to the monarch in both Japanese and Chinese language. Also, Tenshi can be interpreted as an "angel" (天使 tenshi) in Japanese, a likely reference to her being a Celestial in this case. Ten () is a kanji used in the Japanese title of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (緋想).

Meanwhile in her surname, hina (比那) may be from the "Hina Tori-no-Mikoto" (比那鳥命) of Hina shrine in Izumo city, Shimane prefecture of Japan, from a legend of a goddess, and it may be a name to indicate her characteristics of "female" and "earthquakes". However, as Hina has a father, it cannot be said that the entire family is female. "Hina" could also mean "young chicken, small" ().It's pronunciation can also mean "Goddess" (此売 hina)

Nawi (名居), also called "Nai/Nawi no Kami" (名居守), is pronounce similarly to nai (ない). It's an obsolete word meaning "Earth", and 名居振る (nawifuru) meant "earthquake", which can be found in the Nihon Shoki. "Furu" meant, like how it is read, to shake or vibrate. In a shift, "Nawi" acquired the meaning of "earthquakes", and was thus worshiped as a god of earthquakes. The "wi" () in Hinanawi (比那名居) is a kana that is unused in Modern Japanese. In present day Japanese, her last name is pronounced "Hinanai". Also, another meaning of "Hinanawi" is "The Goddess of Earthquake".

Before becoming a celestial, her first name was Chiko (地子, lit. "earth child").


Tenshi has dark red eyes and long blue hair. She wears a white button-up blouse with a red bow at the collar; a blue dress with a light blue bow on the back and brown lace-up boots similar to those of Alice Margatroid's. The apron she carries on her dress has a rainbow-patterned shard link around it, and she wears a black hat decorated with two peaches and leaves. Supposedly, Tenshi should have a cloud pattern on her skirt, similar to the one on Utsuho's, Miko's and Sumireko's capes, but due to lack of time it wasn't implemented. In Antinomy of Common Flowers, her skirt now features the cloud pattern. She also appears to be very short in height in this game (Which is pointed out by Mamizou Futatsuiwa)



Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Due to the boring life in Heaven of constant drinking and relaxation, Tenshi decides to cause a disaster by gathering the thought energy of everyone in Gensokyo in the form of scarlet clouds, threatening an earthquake. Her true intent is to resolve her boredom by attracting others to resolve the incident. This disruption causes a preliminary tremor, which wrecks Reimu Hakurei's shrine and causes several events to unfold from there. Eventually, Tenshi rebuilds Reimu's shrine. However, Yukari Yakumo becomes angry when she learns that Tenshi has built a Keystone into its foundation, and has the shrine destroyed and rebuilt once more so that she can seal it.[3] Eventually a groundbreaking ceremony is held in Heaven, attended by most of the game's playable characters.

The weather type Aurora, meaning "Northern (or Southern) Lights", is associated to Tenshi.

Double Spoiler
Tenshi's sprite in DS
Tenshi in HM

In Double Spoiler, Tenshi used her keystones as danmaku in her spell cards and had Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou taking photos of her and her danmaku.

Hopeless Masquerade

Tenshi made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Palanquin Ship and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. She is seen standing on a keystone while hovering in the air.

Impossible Spell Card

After apparently reading the newspaper by the tengu about a mischief-making amanojaku, she becomes one of the many strong youkai and humans to try and stop Seija Kijin in the final day. She uses spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Tenshi, exiled from Heaven, teams up with Shinmyoumaru Sukuna to become the strongest Perfect Posession user in Gensokyo. Later, Tenshi's Dream World self appears with plans to destroy the world in anger; Joon and Shion Yorigami must defeat her.


Wild and Horned Hermit

After being the host along with Shion Yorigami of a banquet remembered by its poor quality, she appears again to try to get Reimu Hakurei back from Avicii. After helping her to find a way to defeat Kasen Ibara, she decides to keep the real hermit's identity in secret, afraid that knowing of the existence of an oni hermit could make a fuss in heaven.

Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

Tenshi explains in her article how celestials, although they live a luxurious life, are also people with big spirit, something they obtained abandoning their desires and insatisfactions. In what respects to food, she complains that said satisfaction leads to all celestials eating only peaches, and she explains that she doesn't have that satisfaction and that she doesn't understand what's the problem of trying new gastronomy.


Suika Ibuki[edit]

Suika travelled up to Heaven and beat up Tenshi to get some land. Iku mentions in her ending that Tenshi must have given it to her without consulting any of the other celestials about the matter. Since then, Suika played at least one prank on Tenshi by gathering up many others to come fight her. Tenshi initially figured that it'd be okay because Suika will get bored and leave heaven soon, but by the time the final story (Tenshi's) in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody ends, Suika's still up there, causing Tenshi to worry about just how long the oni plans on staying.

Iku Nagae[edit]

Iku comments to Tenshi that she was supposed to file a report before warning everyone about the earthquake, but couldn't because all of the Hinanawi clan were away from their homes. This implies that one of her duties is to file reports to the Hinanawi clan when an earthquake is about to occur (note, however, that this doesn't mean she is subservient to Tenshi's clan. Just that her job requires interacting with them). It is shown in her ending that she saw how spoiled and reckless the eldest child Tenshi was, and was never happy about it.

Her win quote to Tenshi implies that Iku often complained to Tenshi about how mad her father was whenever Iku reported him. To Tenshi, however, Iku was just a messenger. Tenshi's unauthorized use of a keystone finally caused Iku to take action and punish Tenshi (and for Tenshi to learn her name), although having no authority over a member of the Hinanawi meant that all Iku could do in the long term was complain about it.

Shion Yorigami[edit]

After the events of Antimony of Common Flowers, Tenshi and Shion end up developing a strong and deep relationship with each other. Initially, Tenshi's brash attitude and privileged upbringing made Shion too shy to question her about even basic facts. Over the events of later Wild and Horned Hermit chapters, Tenshi had slowly grown more understanding and accommodating of Shion's shyness. Recently, the pair of them have regularly attended Hakurei Shrine parties together, and are practically inseparable.

Tenshi's natural "good luck" as a celestial is apparently not cancelled out by Shion's natural "bad luck" due to being a poverty god.

Her Father, Lord Nai[edit]

Iku mentions to Tenshi in a win quote that there's been repeated occasions where she's told Tenshi that her father was mad, and snaps that Tenshi should go report to him by herself for a change.

Kasen Ibaraki[edit]

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Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

Tenshi on the AWA shirt, by ZUN.
  • A silhouette of Tenshi occupies the front of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's jewel case, as well as the OST.
  • Her profile mentions "Oomura no Kami" and "Nai clan". In fact, there is the Nai Shrine (名居神社) in Nabari City, and the Oomura Shrine (大村神社) in Iga City, both in Mie Prefecture. The former shrine stands in Shimo-hinachi (下比奈知), and the latter has the Keystone and the Statue of Catfish as goshintai.
  • Many of the mythological references Tenshi makes are those to the Tenbu (天部, Deva in sanskrit). In Buddhism, Deva are humans that have achieved enlightenment, and in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Tenshi mentions the five signs of death of a Deva. Devas are also known to be mortal in Buddhism, living long lives, but still remaining part of the circle of life and death. This too, ties in with the events in Komachi's scenario in the game. Considering earlier references by ZUN to the Tennin (such as several of Youmu's spell cards in Perfect Cherry Blossom), both Tenbu and Tennin are the same in Gensokyo.
  • One of her color palettes in Touhou Hisoutensoku resembles Renko Usami.
  • ZUN designed the official shirt for the 2013 Anime Weekend Atlanta convention. Tenshi appears on the shirt because the US state of Georgia is known as the Peach State, which is appropriate.
  • In the heaven Journey to the west describes the only available food to eat were peaches and they seemed to have the same effect on those who ate it to the point where they were the raw material for the making of the immortality elixir.
  • During the events of Antinomy of Common Flowers, one of the spellcards used by Tenshi's dream self features the Giant Catfish, which is a species known as Namazu. Due to Tenshi's ability to manipulate the earth and cause earthquakes, she is associated with the Namazu because in Japanese folklore, they also have the ability to cause earthquakes.
  • Tenshi has appeared in every danmaku side game after her debut, starting on Double Spoiler up to 100th Black Market.


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