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Tewi Inaba

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因幡 (いなば)  てゐ
ina̠βa̠ te̞i (♫)
Tewi Inaba
Tei Inaba

More Alternative Spellings
Tewi Inaba
White Rabbit of Good Fortune
More Character Titles

Youkai Rabbit


Conferring good luck to humans


Unknown (possibly 3,000 years old or older)


Leader of rabbits in Eientei



Music Themes
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Print Works
"Wait a second, hold it right there.
Do I look like a rabbit that would try to trick people~?"
"You really do. It is said that although the rabbit is supposed to cross the river, it tricked and crossed the shark."
Tewi Inaba and Komachi Onozuka (Phantasmagoria of Flower View Episode 8)

Tewi Inaba (因幡 てゐ Inaba Tewi) is the leader of the many youkai rabbits that live at and guard Eientei. She is also considered to be the leader of all the earth rabbits; it's said that there is not a single youkai rabbit unknown to her, and that all of them will only ever listen to her.[1] Despite her childish appearance, she is hinted at to be very old. If she really was the White Rabbit of Inaba, then this would make her one of the oldest characters in the Touhou Project.

Tewi is a very lighthearted and playful youkai, and is known to lie at times. In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she even tries to swindle Aya Shameimaru out of some pocket change.

General Information


Tewi is described as being more like a fairy than youkai, with being childish in her way of speaking and acting; specially with Reisen, who is the target of her pranks and she hides from the moon rabbit to annoy her. However, it's remarkable how Reisen said that the youkai rabbits only follow her [2], which indicates that she has a clear ability of leadership. Furthermore, she is charge of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, and Eirin, Kaguya and Reisen can live in Eientei with her permission in exchange of "lending their knowledge on the rabbits" [2] and, as part of the forest, she will defend the mansion, which indicates how clever and loyal she can be. It's also important to remark how she thought of selling her own species to humans to help and save them from being abandoned and living poorly as youkais [3], an idea that proves how she wishes the best for her people.


Conferring good luck to humans

Tewi's capable of granting good luck to people who catch sight of her. However, because she lives in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, few ever manage to see her. Even if they managed to find her, their fortune is instantly used to find their way back home.

She is also capable of using her luck to her benefit. She could find Eientei even though at that time it was a pure land thanks to her luck. It's also implied that the Bamboo Forest's reputation of making travellers lost is the result of Tewi's ability. [4]


Tewi is in charge of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, but her duties are unknown.


After taking good care of her health and living for a long time, Tewi Inaba became a youkai rabbit. She had become known as the Rabbit of Good Fortune amongst humans, for the good luck she brought them. She may be more than 3,000 years old (inferred from a statement she made in Chapter 18 of Silent Sinner in Blue which can be interpreted as her having known Lord Daikoku (also known as Ookuninushi) personally,which would explain why she was confident that he made better medicine than even that which Eirin Yagokoro was preparing). It's possible that she's the White Hare of Inaba, itself. She has existed since the Bamboo Forest of the Lost was known as "The Tall Grass Cluster" and is said to be the only being that knows it completely. However, it appears she never found out that Lord Daikoku, whom she reveres so much, was taken captive and is sealed at his shrine in Izumo to this day. She and the earth rabbits continue to pound mochi in his name (much to Reisen's annoyance, who was insisting on them pounding it in a Lunarian figure's name).

Tewi had lived in the Bamboo Forest before Eientei was built. Despite Kaguya Houraisan's power over eternity concealing it, in Cage in Lunatic Runagate Tewi said that she knew that it was always there. She finally made herself known to Eirin Yagokoro after a few hundred years. By then, Tewi had already achieved enlightenment. She was master of the Bamboo Forest and the rabbits that lived there.

Eirin and Tewi made a deal. Tewi would protect Eientei from humans, and in return, Eirin would spread her knowledge to the rabbits. Perhaps this was so the beasts could keep up with the youkai, Youkai Mountain, humans, and (later) vampires in Gensokyo's delicate power balance in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

Tewi abides by that deal to this day, when she isn't playing pranks on Reisen Udongein Inaba or scamming Gensokyo's general populace, at least.

Character Design

Tewi, as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense


Her full name is Tewi Inaba (因幡てゐ). Unlike Reisen Udongein Inaba, the "Inaba" in Tewi's name is written using kanji which refer to the Inaba Province (因幡国 Inaba no Kuni) in historical Japan. Additionally, the legend of the "White Rabbit of Inaba" (因幡の白兎 Inaba no Shirousagi, a.k.a "The Hare of Inaba" in English) is a story with which Tewi is frequently associated, and may well be the source of her name.

The wi () in Tewi is an archaic kana that was struck from the syllabry with the post-WWII orthographic reforms. In Modern Japanese, wi () is fully homophonous with i (), meaning that the w in the romaji is silent. Officially, her name is romanized as Tewi in Imperishable Night, but as Tei in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and the data files for Hopeless Masquerade.


At her debut in Imperishable Night, she has dark red eyes, black shoulder-length hair, and fluffy white rabbit ears, and goes barefoot in a frilly pink-white dress. In her playable appearance in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, white socks and a carrot necklace are added to this outfit. Her alternative outfit in that game gives her a black dress in place of her pink one.


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Imperishable Night
Tewi's sprite in IN

Tewi tried to defend Eientei and ultimately failed.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Tewi's back sprite in PoFV

Tewi dashed out to enjoy the flowers blooming. She forgot to tell anyone where she was going, causing Reisen Udongein Inaba to go after her.

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Tewi Inaba makes another appearance in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, but only in Reimu's Pointdevice/No-Death Clear ending. After Reimu leaves Eientei unsatisfied with the conversation she had with Eirin Yagokoro, Tewi appears to her in the Bamboo Forest and asks the shrine maiden questions related to the lunarians. Tewi also states her reason for asking was for reference;she wanted to know the lunarians' weak points and she had some "business" to do with them. Reimu didn't know what Tewi was planning, but she knew that the earth rabbit was going to get beaten up by the lunarians or manipulate them using lucrative words, so she was interested, but at the same time, she didn't care because she had done enough business with the lunarians herself.


Shoot the Bullet
Tewi's sprite in StB

In Shoot the Bullet, Aya Shameimaru encountered Tewi on stage 4 and took photos of her danmaku.

Hopeless Masquerade
Tewi in HM

Tewi made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Human Village stage. She is seen sitting on a bench with Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya Houraisan and Reisen Udongein Inaba cheering and drinking alcohol.

Urban Legend in Limbo

Tewi makes a cameo in the PlayStation 4 version of Urban Legend in Limbo where she pushes Reisen to the stage on her special animation.


Silent Sinner in Blue

Tewi mainly watched the events on the sidelines while managing the earth rabbits pounding mochi for the Monthly Lunar Festival. Eirin's handling of the situation impressed the rabbit. When Eirin indicated she had realized who the true culprit behind the unrest was, Tewi mocked how those earth youkai were trying to invade the Moon again even though they already failed before, and said she was glad she sided with Eirin and the Lunarians that had come to Eientei.

At the end, the culprit, Yukari Yakumo, was captured by Watatsuki no Toyohime, in part thanks to Eirin's intervention. Yukari and Ran Yakumo were held under arrest by Toyohime, who told them they would make excellent souvenirs on the moon.

The two youkai were tied up with femtofiber fabric, which the Lunarians have always used to bind the impure. As Toyohime explained what femtofiber fabric was, Yukari realized that it was the same as shimenawa rope. Yukari mocked Toyohime's claims of sealing away the impure using shimenawa, pointing out that the Lunarians even sealed away native gods as well. Toyohime was slightly stunned, but clarified, saying that shimenawa were used to seal those who defy the moon. Confused, Ran asked Yukari what she was talking about, causing the boundary youkai to explain that Lunarians first used shimenawa to prevent the sun goddess Amaterasu from returning to the cave she used to hide in, and since then, Lunarians have used the fabric to limit the movements of the impure. Toyohime agreed, saying that this kept the Lunar Capital safe. At that point, Yukari angrily added that shimenawa wasn't used just to seal the impure, but gods as well. As an example, she told Ran that Lord Daikoku was sealed away long ago at his shrine because the heavenly gods, implied to be the Lunarians, feared him after taking his lands. Ran was shocked that Lord Daikoku was sealed away, and remarked that he was the god that the rabbits were always singing about. As proof of her accusation, Yukari pointed out that the shimenawa at Lord Daikoku's shrine in Izumo were too thick to merely seal away something impure, leaving Toyohime speechless. Yukari, now smiling, smugly pointed out that there was shimenawa at the Moriya Shrine as well, which must have been used to seal away one of Daikoku's sons, Take-Minakata. Ran then realized that must have been why the shimenawa there was so thick.

Fortunately for Toyohime, Reisen interrupted to tell her the other invaders at the moon had been defeated, and Watatsuki no Yorihime needed Toyohime to send them away. Toyohime smiled and prepared to return to the moon, but Reisen was ordered to deliver one last letter to Eientei.

At Eientei, rabbits were pounding mochi in Lord Daikoku's name for the latest Monthly Lunar Festival. Reisen arrived, causing them to pause. Tewi wondered what was going on, and Reisen nervously explained and handed her the letter before leaving. After Reisen was gone, Tewi realized that she must have been one of the Lunar emissaries and wondered why the residents of Eientei feared someone that pathetic in the first place. She then proclaimed to the other rabbits that the Lunar emissary was nothing compared to Lord Daikoku, causing them all to laugh, apparently ignorant of what had become of him.

Strange and Bright Nature Deity

Tewi overhears Reisen's conversation with the Three Fairies of Light, in which she was criticizing Eirin. Tewi then runs off to tell Eirin about what she said.

Subsequently, Marisa gives Tewi a poisonous leaf to munch on, giving her a stomach ache.

Oriental Sacred Place

Tewi sets up a stall at the Hakurei Shrine for colored rabbits.

Wild and Horned Hermit

Tewi started a pet rabbit fad to help raise the status rabbits, thus ensuring their luxurious treatment under humans. She even convinced Kasen to own a pet rabbit.


Kaguya Houraisan

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Eirin Yagokoro

Tewi made a deal with Eirin to defend Eientei in exchange for Eirin imparting her knowledge to the rabbits. Thus Eirin is an ally, employer and teacher to Tewi and Tewi appropriately addresses her as Master. Eirin realizes Tewi's importance to Eientei due to her control over the rabbits and despite Tewi's pranks, knows that Tewi is there whenever they really need her, should the circumstance arise.[5].

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Reisen is Tewi's fellow youkai rabbit serving under Eirin, like Tewi. Unlike the earth rabbits, Reisen acts as Tewi's superior, ordering Tewi around and being in charge of looking after her. It is, however, completely up to Tewi herself whether she listens to Reisen or not. Around Eientei, Reisen also tends to be the unfortunate primary recipient of Tewi's pranks.

Gensokyo's youkai rabbits

All of Gensokyo's youkai rabbits (from Earth, not the Moon) obey Tewi. This is either a sign or a result of Tewi's enlightenment and power. Tewi knows every single youkai rabbit currently in Gensokyo, although this does not stem from the psychic connection that rabbits have. If a new youkai rabbit hypothetically came into being, Tewi would not automatically know about it, although youkai birth rates are so low that Tewi would probably find out very fast.[6]







Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 2
「二兎追」 "Chasing Two Rabbits" PoFV Charge attack
「兎玉」 "Rabbit Orb" PoFV EX attack

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 5
「エンシェントデューパー」 "Ancient Duper" IN
兎符「開運大紋」 Rabbit Sign "Great Fortune Crest" PoFV Use
兎符「因幡の素兎」 Rabbit Sign "Bare White Rabbit of Inaba" PoFV Use
脱兎「フラスターエスケープ」 Runaway Rabbit "Fluster Escape" StB
St. 4
借符「大穴牟遅様の薬」 Owing Sign "Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama" StB St. 4

Additional Information

  • It is said that ordinary animals who live a long time may develop profound magical abilities. Tewi is one of them.
  • She seems to be something of a prankster, as shown in Eastern and Little Nature Deity.
  • In Oriental Sacred Place chapter 12, Tewi is shown with sunglasses and holding a cigarette while selling colored rabbits during a Hakurei Shrine festival. This is a call out reference to chapter 22 of Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, where she is seen carrying a machine gun and wearing sunglasses and a mask. Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth also shows that those colored rabbits were a scam (they're just painted).
  • She is shown to be fond of beer in the stage backgrounds of Hopeless Masquerade, which may be a call out reference to Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth.
  • Tewi is the only original midboss character to become a fully playable character.


Official Profiles

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt
Tewi Inaba IN  ○5面中ボス 地上の兎

  因幡 てゐ(いなば てゐ)
  Tewi Inaba





Stage 5 Midboss, Rabbit of the Earth

Tewi Inaba

Species: Youkai Rabbit
Abilities: Conferring good luck to humans

After taking good care of her health and living for a long time, Tewi has the power equivalent to that of a youkai. She leads the Earthborn rabbits living in Eientei. Her impetuous temperament makes her seem more like a fairy than a youkai.

Humans who lose their way in the bamboo forest around Eientei sometimes catch a glimpse of Tewi. Those who see her are able to find their way out without fail, so she is considered a guide of the forest.

It's a shame that they waste the fortune given to them by Tewi on such a small thing, but humans are too clueless to notice their mistake.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt
Tewi Inaba  ○幸運の素兎

  因幡 てゐ(いなば てゐ)
  Inaba Tei




Bare White Rabbit of Good Fortune
Inaba Tewi

Species: Youkai rabbit
Ability: Conferring good luck to humans

A youkai-powered rabbit who cared about her health and lived long.
In Eientei, she's a leader of plenty of earthborn rabbits.

This time, she went outside to have fun with the rabbits that is so excited with unnatural scenery without telling the members of Eientei.

Tewi Inaba 因幡 てゐ (いなば てゐ)


Tewi Inaba

Youkai rabbit/conferring good luck to humans
A rabbit that became a youkai from living long, the leader of the wild rabbits.
It is said that it brings good luck to those who meet her, though,
meeting her in the depths of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, where she resides, itself is lucky.
Though timid, she is smart and likes playing pranks, which makes her more like a fairy than a youkai.

Official Sources

Official sources


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