That Other Crowd

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Circle Japanese name: その他大勢
Artist: ゆかたろ (Yutaro)

KonKon Kitsune de Show (2010-08-14)

Translated by Anonymous, edited by Timewaster

Download (mirror)

Thunder is scary (2010-12-30)

Translated by arcrenciel, edited by theinsane

Download (mirror)

What Are You Looking At? (2011-09-11)

Translated by arcrenciel, edited by Stickers

Download (mirror)

Sleepy Princess (2011-13-30)

Translated by kamyu, natural-log and Danbooru users, edited by Wanted45

Download (mirror)

Dark Grey and UHAUHA ZABOON (2012-01-07)

Translated by kamyu, edited by kamyu

Download (mirror)

Golden Cutting Line (2012-08-11)

Translated by arcrenciel, edited by Timewaster


The Tail That Everyone Loves (2012-12-30)

Translated by pesu, edited by theinsane

Download (mirror)

Jasen-chan said “Everything’s gonna be alright!” (2014-08-16)

Translated by Youkai8, edited by Youkai8

Download (mirror)