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The Japanese transcript of The Alternative Age, pending translation.



Other Translations[edit]

Stage Titles[edit]

There are six stages in the full version of the game, plus one extra stage:

Stage 1 宵闇の少女決戦 Girls' Duel at Twilight
Stage 2 紅い洋館のある湖 Lake by the Scarlet Mansion
Stage 3 幻想温泉郷の雪景色 Snowy Landscape of Phantasy Hot Springs Land
Stage 4 実体無き人形の館 Mansion of Incorporeal Dolls
Stage 5 忘れられた古の遺跡 Forgotten Old Ruins
Stage 6 もう一つの幻想郷 Another Gensokyo
Extra Stage 世界最大の歴史書 The Biggest History Book in the World