Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Spell Cards/Stage 2

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Boss Spell Cards

Spell Card 04

Screenshot No. 04: 氷符「アイシクルフォール」
Ice Sign "Icicle Fall"[1]
Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Easy/Normal
Comment: Ice falls all around you from different angles.
As you move closer, she shoots 5-way spreads more often.

Spell Card 05

Screenshot No. 05: 雹符「ヘイルストーム」
Hail Sign "Hailstorm"
Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Ice falls all around you from different angles.
You won't be able to get close to her in this one.

Spell Card 06

Screenshot No. 06: 凍符「パーフェクトフリーズ」
Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"
Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: Cirno's signature move.
Freezing lively moments is her hobby, it seems.

Spell Card 07

Screenshot No. 07: 雪符「ダイアモンドブリザード」
Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard"[2]
Owner: Cirno
Stage 2 — Normal/Hard/Lunatic
Comment: A raw display of icy fury.
She has no real strategy at this point. She's just a child, after all.


  1. This Spell Card is infamous for having a large safe spot right in front of Cirno on Easy Mode, which can be used to beat the card with literally no effort. Trying to exploit this on normal often results in getting bullets in your face.
  2. Possibly a combination of "diamond dust" and "blizzard".
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