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The Grimoire of Marisa/Aya Shameimaru's Spell Cards

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Page 40-43
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Crossroad Sign "Crossroads of Heaven"
岐符「天の八衢」 Crossroad Sign "Crossroads of Heaven"
• 使用者 射命丸文 • User: Aya Shameimaru
• 備考 山道にて追い返されるときによく見る • Notes: Often seen when I get chased away on mountain paths
• 参考度 ★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★
最初から険しい道だが、天狗によってさらに険しい道となる。 A path that was already treacherous is made even more treacherous by the tengu.
割と八方塞がりなイメージの弾幕だが、よく見ると真ん中に道はある。その辺が道案内が本分の天狗らしいな。 This danmaku has a pretty strong "dead end" vibe to it, but if you look closely, there's a path right in the middle. Guiding people is part of a tengu's duty, so that's pretty fitting.
私だったら、真ん中にマスタースパークで決まりだ。 If it were up to me, I'd put a Master Spark through the middle.
Wind God "Wind God's Leaf-Veiling"
風神「風神木の葉隠れ」 Wind God "Wind God's Leaf-Veiling"
• 使用者 射命丸文 • User: Aya Shameimaru
• 備考 文が逃げる時によく使う • Notes: Often used when Aya runs away
• 参考度 ★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★
大量の木の葉を出して姿を眩ますスペルカード。古典的な妖術の一つだ。 A Spell Card that obscures Aya's form with a massive number of leaves. One of the classic youkai arts.
しかし、目眩ましにしては自分の居る場所を目立たせているとしか思えない。基本目立ちたがり屋なんだろう。 But for something that's supposed to be camouflage, I can't help but think that it's just making her position more apparent. She's probably a real show-off at heart.
とてもじゃないけど文に近づく余裕は無いので、遠くで鋭い葉っぱをちまちまかわそう。 There's next to no leeway to approach Aya, so you've just gotta dart back and forth between the sharp leaves from a distance.
"Illusionary Dominance"
「幻想風靡」 "Illusionary Dominance"
• 使用者 射命丸文 • User: Aya Shameimaru
• 備考 スピード違反、演劇タイプ • Notes: Bet she'll get pulled over for speeding, theatrical type
• 速度 ★★★★★★★ • Speed: ★★★★★★★
超高速で飛び回るという最もらしい(・・・)スペルカード。 Her most befitting Spell Card, where she flies around at ultra-high speeds.
この速度は尋常ではなく、とてもじゃないけどこちらの攻撃を当てる事が出来ない。何のドーピングもしないでこの速度で移動できるんだったら、何でも出来るよなぁ。新聞記者とか生ぬるい仕事じゃなくてもさ。 Her speed is just extraordinary; it's downright impossible to land an attack on her. If she can move at this speed without even being doped up on anything, then there's practically nothin' she can't do. Dunno why she sits around doing boring stuff like journalism all day.
ちなみに弾幕は全く魔法の参考にはならないし、避ける方も[1]ただ頑張るしかない事が判っている。 By the way, this danmaku is totally useless as a reference for my magic, and there's obviously no particular trick to dodging it besides "try real hard" either.


  1. Typo in the original text: "避ける方もも".
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