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The Grimoire of Marisa/Cirno's Spell Cards

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Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"
凍符「パーフェクトフリーズ」 Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"
• 使用者 チルノ • User: Cirno
• 備考 頻繁に見る、演劇タイプ • Notes: Seen very frequently, theatrical type
• 温度 ★ • Temperature: ★
あらゆる弾幕を瞬時にフリーズさせるという意外と凄いスペルカード。 An unexpectedly amazing Spell Card that instantly freezes danmaku of any kind.
凍結後は溶けた氷がランダムに滑り出すように、じわりじわりと動き始める。解凍後の事は誰にも予測できない。もちろんチルノにもだ。 After being frozen, the bullets gradually start moving around, like melting ice sliding at random. No one can predict what'll happen after the bullets thaw... including Cirno, of course.
つまり、弾幕が難しくなるか逆に簡単になるかは、氷任せという事だ。凄いことは凄いがやっぱり使えない。 In other words, it's all up to the ice to decide whether the danmaku becomes more difficult or actually gets easier. It's amazing as heck, but I definitely can't use it.
Freeze Sign "Minus K"
凍符「マイナスK」 Freeze Sign "Minus K"
• 使用者 チルノ • User: Cirno
• 備考 湖の上で偶に • Notes: Sometimes seen above the lake
• 温度 測定不能 • Temperature: Impossible to measure
急激に凍らす事で弾幕内部の密度の差で亀裂が生じ、勢いよく破裂させるスペルカード。 A Spell Card where she drastically chills the danmaku, creating a difference in density between the inside and outside of the bullets, which causes them to crack and forcefully explode.
最小の弾幕で最大の攻撃を行うとは中々やりおる。 Using the smallest possible danmaku to make the biggest possible attack. Dang, that's good.
ただ、破裂までの弾幕密度は薄いので、本人の近場に居ると殆ど当たらないという。まあ、所詮妖精だしな。もう少し、射出量と密度のバランスを考えれば強くなると思うんだが……。 The bullets are pretty sparse before they explode, though, so you'll almost never get hit if you stay close to her. Well, she's only a fairy, after all. If you put more thought into the balance between the shooting volume and the density, I think it'd become stronger, but...
そういう計算の仕方を誰かに学ぼうかな。 Maybe I oughta get someone to teach me how to calculate this stuff.
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