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The Grimoire of Marisa/Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu's Spell Cards

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Page 50-52
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Judgement "Trial of the Ten Kings"
審判「十王裁判」 Judgement "Trial of the Ten Kings"
• 使用者 四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥ • User: Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
• 備考 死んだ後にまた見るのかねぇ • Notes: Wonder if I'll be seein' this again after I die
• しつこさ ★★★★★★ • Persistence: ★★★★★★
偶にしか見かけないスペルカード、というかそもそも、こいつは滅多に幻想郷に出てこないのでその所為でもある。 A Spell Card that's only seen once in a while... mostly 'cause its user hardly ever pops up in Gensokyo to begin with. So there ya go.
十種類もの弾幕(実際には四系統に分けられるが)を順番に繰り広げられる。 She performs ten types of danmaku in a set order (though they're split up into four variations, practically speaking).
至極パターン化された弾幕であり、地獄の体系的な部分が見受けられる。裁判がパターン化されているという事は、過去の事例こそが判断基準であるという事か。 The danmaku sticks to an extremely specific formula, which lets you see some of Hell's more systematic elements. I guess the fact that the trials are formulaic goes to show that their standards of judgement are based on past cases?
それなら私は裁けまい。オンリーワンだからな。 If so, then I can't be judged, 'cause I'm one of a kind.
Judgement "Guilty or Not Guilty"
審判「ギルティ・オワ・ノットギルティ」 Judgement "Guilty or Not Guilty"
• 使用者 四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥ • User: Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
• 備考 地獄・オワ・のんきな冥界 • Notes: Hell or super-chill Netherworld
• 地獄度 まさに地獄 • Hell Level: Definitely Hell
恐ろしい裁判だった。いや弾幕だった。ほぼ力技で有罪無罪を決めるという地獄の様な裁判だ。もとい地獄の弾幕だ。 This trial-- er, danmaku-- was downright terrifying. Deciding your guilt or innocence almost entirely by brute force: truly a trial straight out of hell. Uh, danmaku out of hell, rather.
とにかくパワーで押し切るという処は狡い。私以外がやるのは狡い。 Anyway, it's real cheap to just flatten ya with pure power. It's cheap when anyone besides me does it.
ちなみに弾幕の、青は進め、赤は止まれ、だそうだ。地獄的に。 By the way, the blue danmaku apparently means 'go', and the red danmaku means 'stop'. Hell-wise.[1]


  1. Though Japan uses the same colors of traffic lights as other countries, they're often referred to as "red, yellow, blue" rather than "red, yellow, green". This is a result of historical language customs when the lights were introduced, where the words for "blue" and "green" had considerable overlap with each other.
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