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The Grimoire of Marisa/Foreword

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序文 Foreword
夜空を流れる星、花香に誘われ舞う蝶、低きを求めて流れる水、深く暗い霧。 The stars that shoot through the night sky, the butterflies that dance to the scent of flowers, the water that flows seeking lower altitudes, and the deep, dark mist.
自然に起こる事柄には何らかの理由がある。人間はそれらの出来事に説明が付くように理由を捏造した。 All natural phenomena have some sort of reason behind their occurrence. Humans created reasoning in order to explain these very phenomena.
そうして目に見える出来事は全て、人間の物となる……筈だった。 And so, every phenomenon that could be observed would therefore belong to the human race... supposedly.
自然に起こる現象にあちこちで別の解釈が生まれた。それは統一された理論を好む人間にとっては、一つの正解を除いて、もしくは解釈の全てが誤りであると考えてしまうだろう。 Naturally occurring phenomena were explained differently throughout various places. Humans, being fond of unified theories, would thus come to believe that all but one, or perhaps even all forms of reasoning were false.
しかし妖怪達の考え方はこうだ。目に見える物、世の中に起こる出来事、それに対する考えすらも、全て正解である。何故なら、妖怪自身も現象と考え方から生まれた物だからだ。 However, the youkai think like this: all observations, all the phenomena that occur in the world, and all forms of reasoning behind them are true. This is precisely because youkai themselves were born from natural phenomena and the thoughts people have about them.
私はふとした事から天狗の手帳を見た事がある。天狗が世の中の出来事を書き留めた手帳だ。 I happened to see a tengu's notebook once. The notebook was full of writing by the tengu, detailing all the events of the world around us.
その手帳には、本当にどうでもいい日常が私とは異なる視点から見て記述されていた。天狗の監察力は鋭く、既に私が理解できる世界を越えて独自の世界を築いている様だった。 It described all the most insignificant bits of daily life, from a completely different point of view from mine. The tengu's observational skills were sharp; it seemed as if she had already transcended the world that I comprehend, and was building another all of her own.
どうでもいい日常でもいいから、全て書き留める事で何か見えてくるのだろう。そう考えた私は、今まで見てきたどうでもいい出来事――スペルカードを本に纏める事にした。 Even if it's just insignificant everyday events, writing everything down ought to let me see something new. As I thought that, I decided to compile a book of what I thought had become the everyday scenery of my life --- Spell Cards.
天狗の手帳を見た時より古い物は思い出しながらではあるが、書き留める事で新しい魔法のヒントになるかも知らない。 Although I have to recall memories far older than the time that I saw the tengu's notebook, I may be able to acquire hints for new magic by writing them down.
そんな経緯からこの本は生まれた。人間が書いた幻想郷唯一の魔法弾幕書である。決してアリスが書き留めている魔法の本を真似した訳ではないぜ。 From that train of thought, this book was born. It is the only danmaku grimoire in Gensokyo that a human has ever written. I'm not just copying Alice and the grimoires she writes. Honest.
私はもっと魔法を使えるようになりたい。いや、なる予定だ。ゆくゆくは大魔法使いと呼ばれるのだ。 I want to become able to use more magic. No, I plan to become more able. I will eventually be known as a great magician.
その為に努力を惜しむつもりは無いが、果たしてこのノートは私の糧となるだろうか。 I won't spare any effort needed for that purpose, and I hope this book will be another step in obtaining that goal.
まぁもしならなければ、幻想弾幕博物図画集とか何とか仰々しい名前にして、図書館に高く売りつけてやるからいいんだけどー。 Well, if it doesn't, I'll just name it something big an' fancy like "The Fantasy Danmaku Image Compendium" and palm it off to a library for a high price, so it'd be OK either way...
魔理沙 Marisa
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