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Page 116-117
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棘符「雷雲棘魚」 Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback"
使用者 永江衣玖 User: Iku Nagae
備考 雲の中で見た、私自らタイプ [1] Notes: Seen in the clouds, "I myself" type
参考度 ★★★ Reference Level: ★★★
自らが巨大な弾となって体当たりしてくるスペルカード。 A spell card where she turns herself into a giant bullet and rams into you.
こちらの攻撃をものともしないで突っ込んでくるのは、シンプルだが意外と強い。 Ignoring all attacks and charging in is simple but unexpectedly strong.
弾が一つだけで十分強くできる、という事を再認識させられた。 I've found it again that one can be strong enough with just one bullet.

光珠「龍の光る眼」 Light Orb "Dragon's Gleaming Eyes"
使用者 永江衣玖 User: Iku Nagae
備考 雲の中で見た Notes: Seen in the clouds
参考度 ★ Reference Level: ★
雷雲の中、目を光らせて飛ぶ龍をイメージしたというスペルカード。 A spell card that recreates the image of a dragon flying among the thunderclouds with its eyes lit up.
龍って回転して飛んでるのかな。 I wonder if dragons come flying while rotating.

雲界「玄雲海の雷庭」 Cloud Realm "Thunder Court in the Sea of Abstruse Clouds"
使用者 永江衣玖 User: Iku Nagae
備考 雷任せ Notes: Leave everything to thunders
参考度 ★★★ Reference Level: ★★★
雷雲の中に突っ込んだ様なスペルカード。 A spell card that feels like rushing into a thundercloud.
稲妻が縦横無尽に走る中で戦わなければいけない。 You must fight among lightning bolts that run all over the place.
雷は高いところに落ちるそうだ。つまり出る杭は(雷に)打たれるって事だな。 Thunder falls on high places. In other words, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down (by thunder). [2]

龍魚「龍宮の使い遊泳弾」 Dragon Fish "Oarfish's Swimming Shot"
使用者 永江衣玖 User: Iku Nagae
備考 しびれるぜ Notes: Makes you go numb
肩こりがとれる度 とれない Shoulder-Relief Level: No relief
全方向に回転する光弾を撃つスペルカード。魚が悠々と泳いでいる感じなのだろう。 A spell card that shoots bullets of light that rotate in all directions. It seems to evoke the image of fish swimming calmly.
死角無しのスペルカードだが、速度が遅いのでさほど怖くはない。 This spell card has no blind spots, but because the speed is slow, it is not especially scary.
しかし、雷は怖いな。出来る限り被弾したくないぜ。 But thunders are pretty scary. I'd try to avoid getting hit as much as possible.


  1. The pun here is that "I" ("watashi", ) and "oneself" ("mizukara", 自ら) are words pronounced identically to the more common construction "ferry, ferryman" ("watashi", 渡し) and "out of the water" ("mizu kara", 水から). "Not on the water, but from out of the water I come as ferryperson!" You can groan now.
  2. Derived from the Japanese proverb (and general mentality) "The stake that sticks out gets hammered down".

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