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The Grimoire of Marisa/Ran Yakumo's Spell Cards

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Page 32-34
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Shikigami "Banquet of the Twelve General Gods"
式神「十二神将の宴」 Shikigami "Banquet of the Twelve General Gods"
• 使用者 八雲藍 • User: Ran Yakumo
• 備考 冥界で確認、奴隷タイプ • Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld, slave-type
• 参考度 ★★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★★
奴隷タイプの大技スペル。 An exceptional slave-type spell.
十二体もの奴隷を遠隔操作するずるいスペルカードである。やはり、私も自分で操作しなくて良い奴隷が欲しい。 It's a crafty Spell Card where she remotely controls twelve slaves at once. Yep, I still really want slaves that I don't have to control directly.
この奴隷の攻撃は、一見有り得ないほど激しい攻撃に見えるが、よく見ると奴隷単体はシンプルな攻撃を繰り返しているだけである。その中でも回転している奴にだけ注目すればさほど怖くない。 The slaves' attack seems impossibly intense at first glance, but on closer inspection, each individual slave is just repeating one simple attack pattern. As long as you keep an eye on the ones that are spinning around, it's not that scary.
Shiki Shot "Ultimate Buddhist"
式弾「アルティメットブディスト」 Shiki Shot "Ultimate Buddhist"
• 使用者 八雲藍 • User: Ran Yakumo
• 備考 冥界で確認、移動型ストレスタイプ • Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld, movement stress type
• 参考度 ★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★
まさに卍。 Now THAT'S a manji ().
強制的に藍の周りを廻らされてしまう。お寺の庭でやるフォークダンスの様なもんだ。この手の動きを制限するスペルカードは、強い奴は一つ以上持っているもんである。余裕の表れだろう。釈迦の掌って事だな。 Ran forces everything around her to spin in circles. It's like a folk dance in a Buddhist temple garden. Strong folks always tend to have at least one movement-restricting Spell Card like this, probably to show off how effortlessly they can fight. It's like that story with the Buddha's palm. [1]
ちなみに卍とは偉い神様の胸毛を表しているそうだ。やっぱり神様となると格が違う。 By the way, a manji apparently represents the shape of some super-awesome god's chest hair. Gods really are on another level, huh.
"Kokkuri-san's Contract"
「狐狗狸さんの契約」 "Kokkuri-san's Contract"
• 使用者 八雲藍 • User: Ran Yakumo
• 備考 インビジブル奴隷&ストレスタイプ • Notes: Invisible slave & stress type
• 参考度 ★★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★★
こっくりさんって誰なのか後から教えて貰った。 I had her tell me who Kokkuri-san was afterwards.
どうやら狐の霊らしいが人間に呼ばれるといい気になって、お稲荷さんの真似事なんか始めるらしい。ただ、かなり悪戯好きの霊なので、飽きてくると人間を脅かして喜ぶらしい。 It's a fox spirit, apparently, but it gets all full of itself and starts pretending to be Inari-san when humans call upon it. But it's a pretty mischievous spirit, so as soon as it gets bored, it amuses itself by frightening the humans instead.
里の人間の間では、このこっくりさんを呼び出して占う遊びが流行っているらしい。試してみる価値はあるだろう。奴隷に出来るかもしれんし。 It sounds like summoning Kokkuri-san to play a divination game is pretty popular down in the Human Village right now. There ought to be some merit in trying it out. I might be able to make it my slave, for one thing.
Shikigami "Protection of Zenki and Goki"
式神「前鬼後鬼の守護」 Shikigami "Protection of Zenki and Goki"
• 使用者 八雲藍 • User: Ran Yakumo
• 備考 冥界で確認、インビジブル奴隷タイプ • Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld, invisible slave-type
• 参考度 ★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★
これも見えない奴隷。 More invisible slaves.
どうもこの狐は奴隷を使うことが多い。でも驚くべき事に、こいつ自身も奴隷なのだ。 This fox sure uses slaves a lot, doesn't she? But surprisingly enough, she's a slave herself.
Superhuman "Soaring En no Ozunu"
超人「飛翔役小角」 Superhuman "Soaring En no Ozunu"
• 使用者 八雲藍 • User: Ran Yakumo
• 備考 冥界で確認、ドーピングタイプ • Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld, doping type
• 参考度 今のところ無理 • Reference Level: Nope, not any time soon
身体能力を飛躍的に上昇させる技らしい。これぞ妖怪って感じだ。 A technique that dramatically raises one's physical capabilities, it seems. Has a very "now this is a youkai!" feel to it.
役小角(えんのおづぬ)とは遥か昔の魔法使いだそうだ。大先輩だ。 En no Ozunu was a magician from a very, very long time ago. An ancient senior of mine.
空を飛べたり、色々な奴隷を従えたり出来たという。藍が使ったこのスペルカードは、その魔法使いをイメージした物だという。召喚ではないらしい。イメージしただけで身体能力が上昇できるのか、妖怪めが。 They say he could fly through the sky and used a bunch of different slaves. This Spell Card of Ran's is made in his image, she says; it's not actually summoning the guy. So she can boost her physical capabilities just by picturing him? Bah, friggin' youkai.


  1. A reference to a story from Journey to the West: When Sun Wukong is scolded by Gautama Buddha for fighting back against the gods, the Buddha responds to Wukong's arrogance by making a bet that Wukong cannot escape from his right palm. Wukong flies all the way to a series of pillars at the edge of the world and back, only for the Buddha to reveal that the pillars were his own fingers and Wukong was in his palm the entire time.

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