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Dream Sign "Evil-Sealing Circle"
夢符「封魔陣」 Dream Sign "Evil-Sealing Circle"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 よく見る、移動型ストレスタイプ • Notes: Often seen, movement stress type
• 参考度 ★★ • Reference Level: ★★
 お札によって動きが制限されてしまうスペルカード。お札で雁字搦めにされてからじわじわ絞め殺される。 A Spell Card where your movement is restricted by amulets. You're bound in place by the amulets and slowly strangled to death.
 速いお札はこっちを狙わないので見た目ほどに難しくない。何故直接狙わないのだろう。 The fast charms aren't aiming for you, so it's not as difficult as it looks. Why doesn't she just aim them straight at you?
 余談だが霊夢が封魔に使うお札は、大入りと書かれたポテチ袋[1]の様な物でつい取りたくなるという罠が仕掛けられているが、特に面白い物は入っていない。ただの罠だ。 Bit of a tangent, but the amulets that Reimu uses for evil-sealing are booby-trapped. They look like gift envelopes with "full house" written on them, which makes you want to grab 'em, but there's nothing especially interesting in there. It's just a trap.
Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier"
夢符「二重結界」 Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 永夜異変にて確認、演劇タイプ • Notes: Confirmed during the Eternal Night Incident, theatrical type
• 参考度 ★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★
 不思議な力で空間が裏返るスペルカード。羨ましい。 A Spell Card with a mysterious power that turns space inside-out. I'm jealous.
 あの結界で囲まれた空間があれば、私の魔法も幅が広くなるのだが。 If I had an area enclosed in that barrier, my magic's range would also widen.
 霊夢にそれとなく聞いたが要領を得ない。結界とは物事の境目だそうだが、それが二重になるという事は境界の無い世界と同じだという。何処にでも潜む空間の隙間を見つけられれば、二重の結界を張れるらしい。 I indirectly asked Reimu about it, but it was pointless. Apparently, a barrier is a boundary line between things, and having two barriers on top of each other is equivalent to a world with no boundaries. If you can find the gaps in space that are hiding just about everywhere, you'll be able to set up a duplex barrier.
 つまり、あいつは説明下手だ。 In other words, she's bad at explaining things.
Boundary "Duplex Danmaku Barrier"
境界「二重弾幕結界」 Boundary "Duplex Danmaku Barrier"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 永夜異変にて確認、演劇タイプ • Notes: Confirmed during the Eternal Night Incident, theatrical type
• こけおどし度 ★★★★ • Blowhard Level: ★★★★
 二重結界の大規模版。今度は私も結界の内側に捕らわれてしまう。 A large-scale version of Duplex Barrier. This time I'm trapped in the inside part of the barrier too.
 はっきり言って、二重結界の方が怖いし強い。策士、策に溺れるとはこういう事だ。 Honestly, the regular Duplex Barrier is stronger and more scary. This is the kind of thing people mean by 'a tactician getting caught up in his own schemes'.
Untitled "Flying Mysterious Shrine Maiden"
無題「空を飛ぶ不思議な巫女」 Untitled "Flying Mysterious Shrine Maiden"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 レア、演劇タイプ • Notes: Rare, theatrical type
• 参考度 ★ • Reference Level: ★
 霊夢が無意識状態で繰り出すヤケクソのスペルカード。滅多に見ることは無い。 A desperation Spell Card that Reimu whips out while in an unconscious state. Hardly ever seen.
 スペルカード発動中は一切こっちを見ていないので、三十六計を決め込むに限る。 She never looks at you while the spell card is in effect, so you're limited to retreating.
 攻撃は死角の無い全方向弾幕で、めくらめっぽうばらまくだけである。見てないのだから仕方が無い。 Her attack is omnidirectional danmaku with no blind spots, just sprayed everywhere at random. She's not looking, so I guess that's bound to happen.
 いつも思うんだが、対戦中に相手を見ない利点が判らない。不利になるだけの様な気がするが……。 Y'know, I always think this, but I don't see the benefit of not looking your opponent during a battle. Feels like it'd just be a disadvantage, but...
Divine Spirit "Dream Seal -Blink-"
神霊「夢想封印 瞬」 Divine Spirit "Dream Seal -Blink-"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 長距離マラソン • Notes: Long distance marathon
• 参考度 霊夢にしか出来ず参考にならない • Reference Level: Only Reimu can do it, so it's no good as a reference
 霊夢自身は直線的に移動しているが、いつの間にか完全包囲されている。後ろに通り過ぎていったと思ったら前から出てくるのだ。 Reimu herself only moves in a straight line, but somehow she completely surrounds you. Just as you think she passed behind you, she pops out from in front.
 天狗と咲夜が同じような事をするが、天狗はただ速いだけだし、咲夜はただの瞬間移動だ。霊夢のはそんなチャチな物じゃない。何を言っているのか判らないと思うが私にも判らん。 The tengu and Sakuya do something similar, but for the tengu, it's just speed, and for Sakuya, it's just teleportation. Reimu's technique isn't something cheap like that. You probably don't get what I'm talking about, but I don't really get it myself. [2]
 霊夢曰く『結界で囲まれた境界は本来見ることが出来ないから、何人も敵がいるように見える』だそうだ。狭い世界がループしているのだろうか。それとも、合わせ鏡のようになっているのか。 Reimu says that "you can't normally see the boundary that this barrier encloses, so it looks like there's countless copies of the enemy." Is it like a small world that loops around on itself? Or maybe it's something like two mirrors facing each other?
 霊夢にはこういうスペルカードが多い。直接狙わないから馬鹿にされているみたいだ。 Reimu has lots of Spell Cards like this. They don't aim directly at you, so it's like being made fun of.
Divine Spirit "Dream Seal"
神霊「夢想封印」 Divine Spirit "Dream Seal"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 よく見る • Notes: Often seen
• 参考度 ★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★
 物理法則を無視した光の弾で、有無を言わせず封印させられるスペルカード。 A Spell Card that forcibly seals you with bullets of light that ignore the laws of physics.
 ありとあらゆる妖怪達を無理矢理退治できるという。 It can supposedly exterminate any and all youkai, no questions asked.
 その光は妖怪が最も嫌う有り難い光だそうだが、人間でも痛い。 Apparently, it's a wonderful light that youkai hate more than anything, but even for humans it still kinda hurts.
 しかし、封印って何だろうな。お(ひつ)に仕舞うことかな。 But what is "sealing," anyway? Putting stuff in a rice jar? [3]
Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb"
宝具「陰陽鬼神玉」 Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 主に宴会芸 • Notes: Mainly used as a trick at parties
• 大きさ ★★★★★ • Size: ★★★★★
 どっかに隠し持っていたでっかい陰陽玉を投げるスペルカード。霊夢にしては珍しい力業。 A Spell Card where she throws a giant yin-yang orb that was tucked away who-the-heck-knows-where. Unusually heavy lifting for Reimu.
 陰陽玉は当ると痛い。物理的に痛い。普通に硬くて重たい玉だからだ。 Getting hit by the yin-yang orb hurts. Like, physically. 'Cause it's a plain old, hard, heavy ball.
 特にこのスペルカードの大玉は重くて熱いが、喰らった人間をペシャンコにする効果はない。 The orb she uses in this spell card is particularly hot and heavy, but a human who gets hit with it won't get squashed flat or anything.
Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Oni-Binding Circle"
神技「八方鬼縛陣」 Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Oni-Binding Circle"
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 怒ったときによく使う • Notes: Often used when angry
• 観賞プレイ度 ★★★★ • Fun-to-Watch Level: ★★★★
 不思議な力で体の自由を奪うスペルカード。鬼を縛るらしいが、人間も縛る。 A Spell Card in which mysterious powers take away your freedom of movement. Apparently it's for binding demons, but it binds humans just as well.
 一度この技が始まってしまうと、霊夢が止めるまで一切の自由が失われる。しかし、霊夢も動く事が出来ないので、攻略は簡単だ。離れて見守ればいい。 Once this technique begins, all freedom will be lost until Reimu stops it. But because Reimu can't move too, capturing this spell card is easy. All you gotta do is watch from a distance.
 動けなくなった間抜けな霊夢を見ても、手も出さずにじっとしていられるか、それが最大の問題だ。 But do I have the self-restraint to stay still and do nothing while Reimu's sitting there like an idiot? That's the biggest problem.
"Innate Dream"
「夢想天生」 "Innate Dream"[4]
• 使用者 博麗霊夢 • User: Reimu Hakurei
• 備考 レア、演劇タイプ • Notes: Rare, theatrical type
• 三十六計度 ★★★★★★★ • 36th Stratagem Level: ★★★★★★★ [5]
 完全に霊夢に触れなくなる。不透明な透明人間状態。 Reimu becomes completely impossible to touch. She enters a visible "invisible man" state.
 霊夢の究極奥義らしいが、霊夢は目を閉じていて弾幕は敵を目掛けて自動的に射出されるだけだそうだ。 It's her ultimate secret technique, apparently, but it looks like she just closes her eyes while the danmaku fires itself towards the enemy automatically.
 ちなみに最初はスペルカードでも何でもなかったのだが、私がスペルカードの名前を付けて遊びにしてあげた。そうでもしないと勝ち目がない。 By the way, this wasn't even a Spell Card at first, but I gameified it by giving it a proper Spell Card name. Otherwise, there'd be no way to win.
 こればっかりは、生まれ持った霊夢の能力でしか使えないスペルカードだ。だから名前も天生と付けた。 This is the one single Spell Card that can only be used via the innate ability Reimu was born with. Hence the name "tensei (lit. innate from birth)".


  1. Misprint, should be pochi bukuro (ポチ袋, lit. gift envelope). On a side note, in an interesting coincidence, using the misprinted "potato chip bag" (ポテチ袋 potechi bukuro) still makes sense in this context.
  2. This phrase is said almost word-for-word by Polnareff of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure."
  3. In this phrase, Marisa is joking about Demon King Piccolo of Dragon Ball. He had been imprisoned in an electronic jar for approximately three hundred years before he appeared in the plot.
  4. In Japanese, this sounds exactly like the ultimate secret technique Musou Tensei (無想転生) from the series Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)
  5. The Thirty-Six Strategies means "all the strategies there are", and is usually referred to as part of the Chinese phrase "三十六計,走為上策" (Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best) or Japanese "三十六計逃げるに如かず" (Of the Thirty-Six Strategies, nothing is better than escaping).
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