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The Grimoire of Marisa/Suwako Moriya's Spell Cards

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Page 84-89
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Native God "Lord Long-Arm and Lord Long-Leg"
土着神「手長足長さま」 Native God "Lord Long-Arm and Lord Long-Leg"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 異形の神様、移動型ストレスタイプ • Notes: Strange-looking gods, movement stress type
• 異形度 ★★★★★★ • Strange-Looking Level: ★★★★★★
手足の長い妖怪みたいな神様の力で逃げ道を塞がれるスペルカード。 A Spell Card that blocks your escape routes with the power of some long-limbed, youkai-like gods.
土着神ってのは、要は田舎者の神様って事だ。田舎の神様の姿が異形なのは、実は妖怪が神様の振りをしているんじゃないかと思う。 "Native gods" are basically country bumpkin gods. I think the gods from those rural areas are so strange-looking because they're actually youkai pretending to be gods.
Divine Tool "Moriya's Iron Ring"
神具「洩矢の鉄の輪」 Divine Tool "Moriya's Iron Ring"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 大きいけど、思ったより薄い • Notes: Big, but thinner than I thought
• 参考度 ★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★
超でっかい鉄の輪を投げつけてくるスペルカード。 A Spell Card that throws super-huge iron rings.
シンプルかつ大胆な攻撃で私好みだ。大きすぎてちょっと焦るがな。 It's a simple, bold attack; my favorite. They're so big that it freaks me out a little, though.
しかし、この鉄の輪は何なのかと訊ねたら、フラフープという答えが返ってきた。土着神凄いな。 When I asked her what the iron rings actually are, though, she said that they're hula-hoops. Dang, that's native gods for ya.
Spring Sign "Jade of the Horrid River"
源符「厭い川の翡翠」 Spring Sign "Jade of the Horrid River"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 山の上の神社ですいすい泳げるぜ • Notes: You can swim like a fish at the shrine on top of the mountain
• 参考度 ★★★★★ • Reference Level: ★★★★★
外の世界の糸魚川という場所で翡翠が採れるらしい。しかも曰く付きの……。 There's apparently a place called Itoigawa in the Outside World, where you can harvest a bunch of jade. And it's got a real storied past, too... [1] [2]
このスペルカードは川の流れをイメージしたものらしいが、弾幕が川のように流れるのではなく、私が川の流れに流されたり逆らったりさせられるところが変わっていると思う。 This Spell Card is apparently based on that river's current, but the danmaku doesn't flow like a river. It forces me to either get dragged along by the current or fight against it, which is pretty unique.
翡翠は固くないのに壊れにくいという性質を持っている。地面に落としても砕けることは無いのだ。実は翡翠好きだぜ。 Jade isn't very hard, but it has the property of being very hard to break. Even if it hits the ground, it won't shatter. I actually like jade a lot!
Frog Hunt "The Snake Eats the Croaking Frog"
蛙狩「蛙は口ゆえ蛇に呑まるる」 Frog Hunt "The Snake Eats the Croaking Frog"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 山の上の神社で、演劇タイプ • Notes: At the shrine on top of the mountain, theatrical type
• 鳴き声の音量 ★★★★★★★ • Croaking Volume: ★★★★★★★
蛇に呑まれた蛙の逆襲のスペルカード。騒がしい蛙の大群と言ったところか。 A Spell Card where a frog strikes back after getting eaten by a snake. Or a big, noisy mass of frogs, I suppose.
このスペルカードは蛙が騒ぎ出すと連鎖して騒ぎ始め、近くにいる者に攻撃をしかける。その為、騒ぎ始める前に大きく蛙から離れる必要がある。 In this Spell Card, when one frog cries out, they all start croakin' in a chain reaction, and attack whoever's nearby. So you have to get really far away from the frogs before they start making a commotion.
面白い事に、避けようとすると諏訪子の懐に飛び込む事になる。これは蛇に呑まれる蛙の逆襲で、人を呑み込む蛙という感じか。 Interestingly enough, as you're trying to dodge them, you end up leaping right into Suwako's face. It's a counterattack from the frogs the snake ate, so I s'pose the frogs eat the human in turn?
"Suwa War - Native Myth vs Central Myth"
「諏訪大戦 ~ 土着神話 vs 中央神話」 "Suwa War - Native Myth vs Central Myth"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 まて私は民間人だ。演劇タイプ • Notes: "Wait, I'm a civilian!", theatrical type
• 巻き込まれ度 ★★★★★★★ • Dragged-Into-It Level: ★★★★★★★
身に覚えのない戦場に放り込まれるスペルカード。迷惑極まりない。 A Spell Card that flings you into a battlefield you've never heard of before. Extremely bothersome.
基本的に自分に関係無く戦闘が繰り広げられる。流れ弾に当たらないように避け続けなければ勝てない。というか逃げ続けるだけのスペルカードである。 The battle unfolds with essentially zero concern for you. If you wanna win, you just have to keep dodging the stray bullets. So it's a Spell Card where you can't do anything but run.
何の戦場かというと、次々と生えてくる雑草を、鉄の刃物で刈り取るという、園丁の憂鬱を表している……のかな? As for what kind of battlefield it is, there's weeds that spring up one after another, and iron blades that chop them down. Which represents... the drudgery of gardening? Maybe?
Scourge Sign "Mishaguji-sama"
祟符「ミシャグジさま」 Scourge Sign "Mishaguji-sama"
• 使用者 洩矢諏訪子 • User: Suwako Moriya
• 備考 山の上の神社で • Notes: At the shrine on top of the mountain
• 参考度 ★★ • Reference Level: ★★
土着神らしい。つまり私が思うに妖怪だ。 Another native god, apparently. So a youkai, in my book.
この土着神は主に農作物を司るらしい。弾幕のイメージとしては、農作物がサワサワと風に靡いているといったところか。 This particular god mainly seems to govern crops. Visually speaking, I suppose the danmaku represents crops rustling in the breeze.
限りなくシンプルで美しい。その分強くはないが、この神様を馬鹿にすると一変するらしい。土は痩せ、農作物はみるみる枯れてしまう。そうなるとこのスペルカードはもっと刺々しい攻撃になるんだろうなぁ。 Beautiful in its extreme simplicity. It's not particularly strong as a result, but if you mock this god, it apparently changes dramatically. The soil turns barren, and the crops wither in the blink of an eye. I guess that'd make it into a much pricklier Spell Card, huh?
いっそ、怒らしてみて新しいスペルカードも見てみたいものだ。農作物が枯れるのは困るが。 I wanna try makin' her mad so I can see that new spell. May as well, right? Although the crops withering would be a bit of a problem.


  1. Itoigawa City is famous for its jadeite, produced from volcanic areas. One theory as to the origin of the name "Itoigawa" (糸魚川, lit. 'string fish river') is that it's a homophone of 厭い川 ('horrid river'), in reference to the local Hime River's history of flooding and/or the presence of the Itoigawa-Shizuoka fault line.
  2. Incidentally, Itoigawa's jades are now a designated natural monument, and harvesting them is forbidden.
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