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Page 118-123
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乾坤「荒々しくも母なる大地よ」 Qian & Kun "Violent Land that Mothers All"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 天界で見た Notes: Saw it in Heaven
参考度 真似出来そうにない Reference Level: Unlikely that I can imitate it.
地面が激しくでこぼこになるスペルカード。 A spell card that violently makes the ground uneven.
恐ろしい程のパワーで地面に要石を叩きつけると、その反動か他の地面が持ち上がる。 By thrusting the keystone into the ground with fearsome power, the reaction raises the ground level of its surroundings.
箪笥の引き出しみたいなもんだろう。勢いよく閉めると他の引き出しが飛び出すという。私にも真似出来るのか? いや無理か。そんなに重くないしな。 Somewhat like a chest of drawers. Forcefully closing one makes the others come flying out. Can I imitate this? Nah, probably not. I'm not heavy like her.

霊想「大地を鎮める石」 Spirit Thought "Stone that Calms the Lands"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 漬け物石 Notes: Pickling weight
参考度 陰陽玉とどっこいどっこい Reference Level: About the same as the yin-yang orbs
ボコボコになった大地を鎮めるように光が降り注ぎ、それが要石となる。 Beaming light onto the ruined lands as if suppressing them turns them into keystones.
私も天子みたいに要石に乗りたいのだが、何故か乗れない。 I want to ride a keystone like Tenshi, but somehow I can't.
觔斗雲 (きんとんうん) みたいなもんか。 Are they like the Flying Nimbus? [1]

天地「世界を見下ろす遥かなる大地よ」 Heaven & Earth "Land that Oversees the Distant World Below"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 工事現場 Notes: Construction site
参考度 なるわけがない Reference Level: As if
地面が際限なく盛り上がっていくスペルカード。 A spell card that limitlessly raises the ground skyward.
天子が剣で地面を刺すとそこが盛り上がり、最終的に宇宙に飛び出すまで盛り上がり続ける。 The area of the ground stabbed with Tenshi's sword rises, and it continues rising until it reaches space.
高いところが苦手な人間に大ダメージを与えるらしい。 It deals heavy damage to humans who are afraid of heights, by the looks of it.
こいつのスペルカードは基本、弾幕ではないな。 Her spell cards are basically not danmaku.

「全人類の緋想天」 "Sky of Scarlet Perception of All Humankind"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 似たタイプの技を持っている Notes: I have spells of a similar type
参考度 ★★★ Reference Level: ★★★
叩き付けるような気の極太レーザー。 A gigantic laser that seems to hit hard.
私のマスタースパークと同じようなスペルカードに見えるが、これはレーザーに見えるが実はレーザーではなく、超高速、超高密度の気弾の集まりである。 Though this seems to be the same kind of spell card as my Master Spark, this apparent laser actually isn't a laser, but a superfast and superdense gathering of spirit bullets.
つまり、当たると超痛い。 In other words, very painful if it hits.

気符「無念無想の境地」 Temperament "State of Freedom from Worldly Thoughts"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 天界で見た、ドーピングタイプ Notes: Saw it in Heaven, doping type
マゾ度 ★★★★★ Masochist Level: ★★★★★
一切痛さを感じなくなるという、非常に特殊なスペルカード。 She becomes numb to all pain, a very special spell card.
特殊だが便利な気もする。冬場の冷え込む時とか、長時間労働とか。 Special, but it can be useful. In cold winters, in long hours of labor, etc.

地震「先憂後楽の剣」 Earthquake "Sword of Pleasure After Hardship"
使用者 比那名居天子 User: Tenshi Hinanawi
備考 防災の準備が必要、迷惑 Notes: Disaster measures must be made, troublesome [2]
迷惑度 ★★★★★★ Trouble Level: ★★★★★★
力一杯大地を刺激し、忘れた頃に地震が起こる迷惑なスペルカード。 This nuisance of a spell card stimulates the earth with all one's might, and causes an earthquake just when it's been forgotten.
天災は忘れた頃にやってくるとはよく言った物で、こいつのスペルカードも忘れた頃にやってくる。 It's been said that a natural disaster strikes when we have forgotten it[3], and her spell cards do the same
地震は起きてしまったら避けようがないので、取り敢えず地面から離れるのがいいだろう。 There's no escape from an earthquake when it happens, so it's better just to get off the ground.


  1. The Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball is a flying cloud that Son Goku travels on. People with impure hearts cannot ride it. It is based on clouds from Journey to the West, though those don't have the property Marisa refers to here.
  2. The literal translation of this spell card's Japanese name is 'Earthquake "Sword of Worry First, Joy Later"'. This name is derived from a phrase of Fan Zhongyan's poem: "the governor must care about and tie up the issue before the citizens remark, and he could enjoy rest finally after they do". Marisa notes that "disaster prevention is better done sooner than later" and "trouble yourself first, then enjoy your rest after, knowing that the task is done."
  3. Reference to a famous axiom allegedly from a Japanese physicist in Meiji era, Torahiko Terada — "the natural disasters come when we have forgotten them" (天災は忘れた頃にやって来る Tensai wa wasureta koro ni yattekuru).

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