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Page 54-55
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The Prismriver Sisters[edit]

Page 54
Noisy Sign "Live Poltergeist"
騒符「ライブポルターガイスト」 Noisy Sign "Live Poltergeist"
• 使用者 プリズムリバー三姉妹 • User: Prismriver Sisters
• 備考 色んな広場で(有料で)公開 • Notes: Performed (for a fee) at various public venues
• 音量 ★★★★★★★ • Volume: ★★★★★★★
三人で襲いかかってくる卑怯なスペルカード。基本的にスペルカードは一対一の遊びなのだが、奴隷を扱ったり幽霊を操ったりみんなフリーダムなので深い事は気にしない。 A cowardly Spell Card where all three of 'em gang up on you. Spell Cards are fundamentally meant for one-on-one games, but everyone plays it fast-and-loose by using slaves an' controlling phantoms and stuff anyway, so don't sweat it.
こいつら一人一人はかなり癖のある弾幕を出してくるのだが、三人揃った場合はみんな我を折る。流石三姉妹と思うが、肝心要のこいつらの演奏は我を張りまくる。 Each sister uses danmaku with a lot of personal quirks when she's alone, but when they team up, they all compromise and work together. You'd think "oh, that's sister power for ya," but when it comes to their actual performances, they don't compromise at all.
こいつらの本職って一体……。 What are their real jobs, anyway...?

Lunasa Prismriver[edit]

Page 54
String Performance "Guarneri del Gesù"
弦奏「グァルネリ・デル・ジェス」 String Performance "Guarneri del Gesù"
• 使用者 ルナサ・プリズムリバー • User: Lunasa Prismriver
• 備考 慌てるとよく使う、演劇タイプ • Notes: Often used when in a panic, theatrical type
• 音量 ★★ • Volume: ★★
突然近場に発生する恐怖の弾幕。どうやら演奏している音から弾幕が発生しているみたいだ。 Fearsome danmaku that suddenly springs out from the area around you. It seems like the danmaku is somehow bein' generated from the sounds she's playing.
ゆったりと音楽を聴いていると埋め尽くされるというのは嫌だ。 If you start relaxin' and listening to the music, you'll be buried in no time. Yikes.
演奏家が聴者に、音楽に対する恐怖心を植え付けてどうしようというのか……。 A musician goin' around an' planting a fear of music in her audience? Where's the sense in that...?

Merlin Prismriver[edit]

Page 55
Trumpet Spirit "Hino Phantasm"
管霊「ヒノファンタズム」 Trumpet Spirit "Hino Phantasm"
• 使用者 メルラン・プリズムリバー • User: Merlin Prismriver
• 備考 なんか相手が居ないのに使っている事もある • Notes: Sometimes used without any opponent for some reason
• 音量 ★★★★★★ • Volume: ★★★★★★
金管楽器に吹き込んだ息が、そのまま飛び出したかのようなスペルカード。生き霊のような物が縦横無尽に飛び回る。 A Spell Card where breath blown into her brass instruments almost seems to fly out as-is. Weird, spirit-like things soar around in every direction.
しかし、本人は一切トランペットに触れていない。だから飛び出した息は誰の物だろう? 魅惑的でお洒落な息霊……。[1] However, Merlin herself doesn't touch the trumpet at all. So who does the flying breath belong to? Perhaps a charming, fashionable spiritus...? [2]

Lyrica Prismriver[edit]

Page 55
Nether Keys "Fazioli Nether Performance"
冥鍵「ファツィオーリ冥奏」 Nether Keys "Fazioli Nether Performance"
• 使用者 リリカ・プリズムリバー • User: Lyrica Prismriver
• 備考 怒らせるとよく使う • Notes: Often used when angry
• 音量 ★★★★ • Volume: ★★★★
姉の二人は変わったスペルカードだったが、こいつだけ至ってシンプルな弾幕。 Her two big sisters used pretty weird Spell Cards, but Lyrica alone uses very simple danmaku.
それには理由がある。こいつの演奏はつまらんからだ。いや技術は高いが心に響く物が何も無い。そつなく演奏しているのか何なのか……。 There's a reason for that: her performances are boring. I mean, her technique is excellent, but there's nothing that resounds in your heart, ya know? Is her performance just that flawless, or what...?
恐らく楽器に魂が籠もっていないのだろう。比喩的な意味じゃなくて、本当の意味で霊魂が。キーボードは叩くだけだからなぁ。 It's probably 'cause her instrument doesn't have any soul filling it. Like, not figuratively. It literally doesn't have a soul. All you do with a keyboard is hit it, after all...


  1. 息霊 ("ikiryou", lit. 'breath spirit'): a coined term, serving as a pun on 生き霊 ("ikiryou", lit. 'live spirit'). In Japanese folklore, an ikiryou is a manifestation of a living person's spirit that emerges from them and brings harm to those who they resent.
  2. An attempt to approximate the original pun. The English word "spirit" is derived from the Latin "spiritus," which can also mean "breath".
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