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The Grimoire of Marisa/Yamame Kurodani's Spell Cards

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Page 31-32
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Spider "Cave Spider's Nest"
蜘蛛「石窟の蜘蛛の巣」 Spider "Cave Spider's Nest"
• 使用者 黒谷ヤマメ • User: Yamame Kurodani
• 備考 ベタベタする、演劇タイプ • Notes: Sticky, theatrical type
• 参考度 ★★ • Reference Level: ★★
暗い場所や狭い場所には大抵蜘蛛の巣が張られているよな。こいつも蜘蛛の巣を張って罠にかけようとしたのだろう。 Dark and cramped places usually have spider webs stretched out in them, don't they? This girl was probably tryin' to stretch out a spider web as a trap, too.
しかし、そこは土蜘蛛。ただの蜘蛛じゃないから蜘蛛の巣も一瞬にして張り、一瞬にして引き寄せる。割と歌舞伎みたいな演劇タイプ。 But this is a tsuchigumo we're dealing with. She's not a normal spider, so she can stretch out the web and draw it back in instantly. It's a relatively Kabuki-like theatrical type.[1]
昆虫の神秘だな。 That's the mysteries of insects for ya. [2]
Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma"
瘴符「フィルドミアズマ」 Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma"
• 使用者 黒谷ヤマメ • User: Yamame Kurodani
• 備考 体調を崩す • Notes: It'll make you sick
• 鬱陶しさ ★★★★ • Gloominess: ★★★★
刺々しい空気が充満した嫌な洞窟。 A gross cave filled with sickly air.
こいつさえいなければ、洞窟もそこまで嫌では無いんだがな。 If it weren't for Miss Creepy-Crawly, though, I wouldn't even mind caves that much.


  1. This refers to the kabuki play "Tsuchigumo". In that play, a mysterious priest tries to cast a web around Yorimitsu. See also [1]
  2. This is a common misunderstanding, but the spider isn't an insect (昆虫 konchuu). In Japan, there are numerous bugs so many elementary school students choose to collect them for their independent research projects during summer vacation, so this is a rather well-known fact. Marisa might be calling Yamame an insect on purpose.
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