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Marisa's Bad Ending

Having barely shaken off Iesua Nazarenus' pursuit, Marisa thought she might as well look for some help, and decided on looking somewhere nearby, hoping they would have some clues.

Marisa "Hey, Miko! I've got a bit of a favour to ask..."
Seiga: "Th-the wall?!"

Futo "You insolent..!"
Tojiko "You fool!"

Upon finding the sharp-sighted Miko, Marisa quickly... or rather, nimbly, gave her the details of the current incident. Normally when Marisa visited, Miko would bring out some unidentifiable confection, and Marisa wouldn't be able to get a word in around it.

Marisa "...and so, I was wondering if you'd be able to help an old friend out."
Miko: "Iesua Nazarenus. So she's actually taken a name like that."

The instant she heard that name, the aloof Miko instantly changed her attitude. Repeating her name with considerable weight, even her face began to show an edge. Well, Iesua was originally dead.

Miko: "Forget about her. She is not someone you can measure up to."
Marisa: "What? Can't you give me more information, Miko?"

Futo: "Doing something rude like this is absolutely prohibited!"

Marisa: "Hey, just a minute!"

Tojiko: "Begone, fool!"

After this, no matter how much she apologized, none of them would say any more to her. Why? Marisa didn't understand. And of course, neither do we.

The truth was that, in the distant past, Toyosatomimi no Miko had used Christianity for her own purposes. In order to win the people's hearts, she had acted out a resurrection just as Iesua had.
Like anyone, she had one or two pieces of dark history that she had no desire to see dug up. Just like every other Saint in the annals of history. Hehehe.

BAD END - Miko and the Child of God


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