The Legend of Twilight

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宵闇伝説 (よいやみでんせつ)
The Legend of Twilight

Otter's Arcadia


Otter's Arcadia


August 11, 2012


Action Adventure Role-Playing Game


Single-player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7


2.4GHz Pentium 4 or better, DirectX9.0, at least 1GB of RAM, 100MB free HDD space

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Yoiyami Densetsu: The Legend of Twilight (宵闇伝説 The Legend of Twilight, lit. "The Legend of the Dusk") is a fan-made Touhou Project 2D action-adventure game developed by Otter's Arcadia, featuring Rumia as the protagonist.


One day, Rumia decided to take a nap in the mountains. Suddenly, while napping, a fog rolls in. When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar temple grounds, but something is wrong... things aren't what they seem... Rumia's involved in an incident!


Main Article Gameplay

Game elements are heavily based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and interestingly enough, includes a menu system similar to that of Secret of Mana.


  • Arrow Keys / 8,4,6,2 on Keypad
  Moves character, navigates menus.
  • Z / Enter / Spacebar
  Button A(uses item in A slot), confirm
  Sets item to A slot
  • X / Backspace / 0 on Keypad
  Button B(uses item in B slot), cancel
  Sets item to B slot
  • C / Shift Keys
  First menu is the item menu. Contains all usable items/weapons.
  Second menu(accessed by pressing up or down) contains configure(wrench icon), save(paintbrush icon), and a backpack to view special items.
  • F4
  Cycles game window size.

External Links[edit]

  • Official Site - Trial version and retail update patches are available (Japanese)