The Nightmare of Rebellion

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The Nightmare of Rebellion
The Nightmare of Rebellion

Strawberry Bose


Strawberry Bose


2013-12-30 (Comiket 85)




Single-player story mode



東方玄夢妖譚 ~ the Nightmare of Rebellion (Touhou Genmu Youtan, "Eastern Mysterious Dream Youkai Talk") is the third game of Strawberry Bose's trilogy. It basically uses improved materials from it's predecessor Devil of Decline. All graphics and effect have been completely renewed and are greatly improved. The game features five playable main characters, which all participate in battle.


Beings called doppel, which appear to be clones of the people, suddenly appeared in Gensoukyo. When investigating, Reimu and her companions suddenly encountered Reimu's doppel. During their confrontation, the "real" Reimu suddenly vanishes along with several other inhabitants of Gensokyo. They all were transported to a place called Toono, where they meet the native inhabitant Saya, who look a lot like Akyuu. During a event, Saya's friend Tomoko was kidnapped by a youkai. Soon they noticed that the doppels, also are found here. Together they travel to resuce Saya's friend Tomoko, while solving the mysteries of the doppels and the mysteries of Toono.


Nightmare of Rebellion has a lot of familiar features, mostly from Devil of Decline.

It again features the attribute and element rising system. The old weapons like swords, spears and axes are all there again, but also new weapons like guns and bows, and all with many skills to learn. Unlike it's predecessor, one can obtain weapons multiply times, thus allowing you to use another new feature, the enchanting feature. You can enchant your weapons with many different materials, giving them a various additional effects.

Not to forget, the Shikigami system is here too, though called the doppel (German: Doppel = double) system now. Again one can obtain Touhou characters or also enemies. Other features like recipes and last words are also featured again, along with many new features.


This time the game only features five playable main characters. So you do not need to decide, since all five will participate in battle.

Although there are only five main characters, the game features almost all other official Touhou characters, due to the Doppel system. It also again features original characters from the game itself.


Contains walkthrough of the main story, but also contains various overview lists. All information are based on version 1.0.6.