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tokʲi̥ko (♫)


Print Works

Tokiko (朱鷺子) is a minor, unnamed character who only appears in Curiosities of Lotus Asia. She is probably just one of the many weak youkai in Gensokyo, but seems to value and enjoy books.

General Information

Tokiko, a technically unnamed character, appears in the first chapter of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, where she is beaten up by Reimu Hakurei while trying to read a book. It is presumed that she is a youkai because of the fact that she has wings, but other than that, nothing is known about her.

Character Design


Her true name is unknown, but Tokiko (朱鷺子) is a popular name for her among the fanbase. toki (朱鷺) means "crested ibis", a bird which she resembles in appearance and ko () means "child" and is a general-purpose kanji for girls' names. Also, she was referred to on the Japanese Wikipedia on the Curiosities of Lotus Asia article as the "Unnamed Book-Reading Youkai" (名無し本読み妖怪 Nanashi hon yomi yōkai) and later as "The Youkai Who Read a Book" (本を読んでいた妖怪 Hon wo yonde ita yōkai). "Unnamed Book-Reading Youkai" is, however, still a popular name to refer to her.


In Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Tokiko has white hair that is partly blue, red eyes, and wears a black dress with blue trim. She also appears to have wings on her back, small horns on her head, and what appears to be a single wing on the rear of her head, possibly meant to represent the ibis' crest on the back of its head.


Curiosities of Lotus Asia

In Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Tokiko was beaten and robbed by Reimu Hakurei, who then sold the books she stole to Rinnosuke Morichika. After showing up at Kourindou to reclaim her books, she was presumably beaten up once again, this time by Marisa Kirisame.

Forbidden Scrollery

She is seen flying with Lily White in the first page of Fobidden Scrollery's chapter 6.


Reimu Hakurei (Exterminator)
Marisa Kirisame (Exterminator)
Lily White (Unknown)

Tokiko is seen in a single panel in Forbidden Scrollery, next to Lily White at the coming of spring.



Additional Information


  • While shown as a weak youkai, after retaliating and causing damage to Reimu Hakurei when the shrine maiden originally thought the fight would be an easy one, she at least proved more formidable than Reimu first thought.
  • After beating up Tokiko outside Kourindou, Marisa brings a crested ibis into the store, which she cooks and eats with Reimu. Tokiko's resemblance to a crested ibis may or may not be coincidental.


Official Sources

Official sources