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The game includes three MIDI tracks composed by ZUN for the Roland SC-88Pro. High quality recordings of these MIDI files made with this module can be found here.

Music List

Stage theme
Witch of Love Potion
trt_00.TXT from 東方幻想的音楽


トルテルマジックより【 Witch of Love Potion 】です。

今回、トルテが主人公のSTGの曲を書く事になりました。すごく嬉しかったんですが、 いままで、短調系の暗~い曲ばっかりの私だったので、かなりの不安が...(^^;

で、どうしたもんか色々と研究してみました。 楽器をクラシカルなものからシンセ系に変えて、長調を増やしてみたり、コード進行を 色々実験してみました。(って、実験台(^^;;)

結果、でも明るくない。 これって、やっぱメロディのせい?(そのとおり) 趣味で作曲して、はや8年ほど。こればっかしは、今更変えられないなぁ~(^^;;


ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Witch of Love Potion" from Torte Le Magic.

This time, I was going to write a song of STG with Torte as a hero. Although I was very happy, until now, because I only wrote songs of dark, minor tone, I was under considerable anxiety ... (^^;

So I tried to research variously on what to do. Changing from classical instruments to the synth instruments, or try increasing the major, and I tried to experiment with various chord progression. (guinea pig (^ ^;;)

But the result is still not bright. What is this, it must be because of the melody right? For having been composing songs for eight years as a hobby, it seems like such minuscule effort cannot change how I work (^ ^;

Well, I'm going to take pride that I have made it very fancily (^ ^)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Also featured in: 蓬莱人形 ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
Boss - Chou's theme
Magical and Hopeless
trt_01.TXT from 東方幻想的音楽


トルテルマジックより【 Magical and Hopeless 】です。

88Pro 以外で聴くとギターがちゃちくなったりして、がっかりかもしんないので、 是非88Proでご拝聴願いたい。

これは、月+魔法+美形の男というキーワードからイメージして創られた曲です。 前半の不思議な感じのするメロディは、テクノにロック風味を加えてみました。

お気に入りは、最後のピアノアドリブ部分。 当然、ジャズのノリで弾きならしてみました。この辺がお洒落で美形の男です(^^;;


ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Magical and Hopeless" from Torte Le Magic.

Guitar becomes rather pointless unless it is heard in 88Pro. I strongly recommend to hear it from 88Pro to get the best of it.

This is a song that was created in the image of the keyword good looking guy + magic + moon. Melody of the first half with a strange feeling, I flavored with techno rock.

My favorite is the last part of piano improvisation. Naturally, I tried playing with the jazz feel. Here is such a good looking guy with a style (^ ^;

Yup, I like jazz.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

True last boss - Cointreau's theme
Sacred Battle
trt_02.TXT from 東方幻想的音楽


トルテルマジックより【 Sacred Battle 】です。

一面だけなんで、あんま重いテーマにすると滅茶苦茶浮くので、軽快で格好いいものを 目指しました。

さわやかさが皆無なのは、とりあえず置いていて(^^;; 曲名の通り、神聖でパワフルな曲になったような気もしてます。

短そうでループまで約2分半。最後まで聴くにはかなりの腕を要するってところも、 エキストラステージっぽい。 ループ前(2:10 ~ 2:40 あたり)のメロディを、かなりトリッキーに仕上げたで、 そこら辺で攻撃が激しくなると弾よけが気持ちいいかもしれない。


ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Sacred Battle" from Torte Le Magic.

Because it has only one stage, lest the heavy feel of a theme will ruin it, I was aiming for something light and cool.

Despite little freshness there is (^^;; I feel that the title of the song combined with holy feel made this a powerful piece.

About two and a half minutes to loop is very short, and takes a considerable amount of patience. It's like an extra stage as you listen through the end. It was quite tricky to finish, the melody (per 2:10 to 2:40) before the loop, it may be feel like the bullet attack becomes severe during that time frame.

As for Torte's storyline, because I have only the first 4-5 volume, I'm not familiar with this character (^ ^;

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

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