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Touhou Cannonball

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Touhou Cannonball
Touhou Cannonball

Quatro A




October 1, 2019


Mobile Board Gacha Game


Online mobile board game


Android iOS

  • Android OS 7.0 and up
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Touhou Cannonball (東方キャノンボール) is a fan-made Touhou Project board game developed by Aniplex Incorporated and Quatro A intended for smartphones. It was announced at Autumn Reitaisai 5. The game features several well-known Touhou illustrators and musicians.[1]

On September 14, 2020, it was announced that service for the game would be terminated on October 14, 2020[2].


Main article: Gameplay

Touhou Cannonball features the whole cast of Touhou, battling one another atop a board with the goal being to collect the most CB (Cannonball). All Touhou characters are playable and available to be obtained for free. The game's board game mode is accompanied by a visual novel-style story mode that is animated using Live2D.[3][4]


A new game called "Cannonball" has caught the attention of the denizens of Gensoukyou.


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Several Touhou musicians have participated in Touhou Cannonball including:

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