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Touhou Cannonball is a Mario Party-like mobile board game featuring the entire Touhou cast. The main game is Cannonball, or the board game mode where you play solo or in multiplayer. Single player mode is accompanied by a story mode that is animated with Live2d. You acquire characters through summoning and increase their rarity with materials earned from the game. You may choose to pay for these materials if you wish, as well.

Board Game[edit]

Your player moves along the board with the goal of collecting the most CB (Cannonball}. You may also gather talismans, which can turns the tides of battle in one strike.

Tiles (マス)[edit]

Your character will encounter many different kinds of tiles, such as:

  • Plus Tiles: You gain CBs. It is the one in blue with plus (+) sign.
  • Minus Tiles: You lose CBs. It is the one in red with minus (-) sign.
  • Talisman Tiles: You gain a talisman which contains a Trump Card skill of a character. It is the one in yellow with a paper charm sign.
  • Talisman Shop: You can spend your CBs here to buy talismans. It is the one in brown with a cat figure and a gold coin sign.
  • Healing Tiles: You can restore several HP for the whole Battle team here. It is the one in green with heart sign.

Dice (サイコロ)[edit]

To make your turn, you must roll the dice to move your character. After rolling it, choose any of the tiles possible from your roll. When you happen to have an opponent in a same tile, you will roll the dice with your opponent. The biggest result of the roll wins and takes a reward from the loser, such as:

  • Several amount of the loser's CBs,
  • 1 turn suspension for the loser,
  • 1 Trump Card talisman from the loser,
  • 1 Symbol owned by the loser, and
  • 1 point from the loser.

The availability of these options may varies depending on the game mode.

The number of dice may be added depending on the character you have in the Board team. For example: if you activate Nitori's Trump Card, you will roll up to 4 dices at a time.

However, if you have activated a certain Board skill, you will not roll your dice. Instead, the dice will be rolled automatically and have a result according to the skill. For example: Komachi's Trump Card skill will give you one/two/three step(s) in a turn, depending on the talisman you activate.

Symbol (シンボル)[edit]

A Symbol is a special tile featuring a known building or place in Touhou. You can take over a Symbol by purchasing it with your CBs. You might get a discount when buying or upgrading it. You can also take over the opponent's Symbol by simply buying it if you have enough CBs. A Symbol will generate several amounts of CBs for its owner after a certain span of turns. The amount of generated CBs depends on how many Symbols are owned and the Symbol's level which is up to 3. Known Symbols in this game are:

Wandering Characters[edit]

Occasionally, your character will run into "wanderer characters" on the field that will possess you and make you lose CBs.

Event Tiles[edit]

Sometimes, after you move your character or when you're about to begin your turn, you will meet a random character, regardless of whether you have summoned her or not, and have a sequence. Afterwards, your character will receive a bonus/buff/debuff depending on the character you met. You can see their event effects from their respective character profiles (within "Board" page of your character's profile, at the bottom). However, if you meet Akyuu, you will be given a pop quiz about Touhou lore. Answer correctly, and you will be rewarded.


There are several different types of win conditions which players may be required to fulfill depending on the stage:

  • Take over as many Symbols on the map as required and reach the designated goal tile,
  • Accumulate as many CBs as required,
  • Win as many Danmaku Battles as required.

Character Typing[edit]

Rather than standard RPG typing based on elements, Touhou Cannonball utilizes the beauties of nature (花鳥風月) instead. The types are flower (花), bird (鳥), wind (風), moon (月) and sun (陽). Flower beats Bird, Bird beats Wind, and Wind beats Flower. Sun and Moon beat each other.

Flower (pink circle with a flower logo) - Consisting of plant, earth and related youkai.

Bird (green circle with a bird logo) - Consisting of characters with wings, flying-type youkai, and ghosts.

Wind (light blue circle with a pinwheel logo) - Consisting of sky-type youkai in addition to "autumn" types, "cold" types, and "water" types.

Moon (yellow circle with a crescent moon logo) - Consisting of moon-powered and dark-type youkai.

Sun (red circle with a sun logo) - Consisting of light-type youkai and possibly humans.

Danmaku Battle[edit]

On the field, your character will encounter many kinds of enemies. As you attack and are damaged, your character's SP (spell card gauge) will increase. When you SP is at max your character may use a spell card. When you win this battle, you will receive a certain amount of CBs as a reward. However, when you lose, you will be suspended for 1 turn.


You may decide your character's team formation via the formation page on the home screen. Your team may consist of up to four characters, which are three of your own characters plus one of other player's character. The formation is divided into 2 teams, which are Board (ボード) Team and Battle (バトル) Team.

  • Board (ボード) team is a team that deals with the board section of the game. The characters within the Board team will provide you with unique skills actively and passively when being inside this team. For example: For active skill (Trump Card), Board Cirno will summon an iceberg and freeze your current tile to block players from passing through it. For passive skill, if you have Sagume in your Board team, she will heal several amount of your Battle team's HP for each turns.
  • Battle (バトル) team is a team that deals with Danmaku Battles. Your characters in this team will activate their passive skill (such as attribute resistance, attack bonus, etc.). After filling your spell card gauge for a certain amount, you can make one of your charaters in this team release her spell card to make a great blow to the enemy, and also buffing your teammate or dealing status ailments (poison, attack down, etc.) if you have a 5 star rarity character.


Characters are obtained by summoning via the summoning page on the home screen (the one with torii logo right under the Quest section). Not only characters, but you may also obtain some Shadowgraphs, which is an illustration card that will act as your character's "equipment". All characters and Shadowgraphs are available to be summoned for free. You can summon once or ten times at a time.

You will primarily need Cannon Stones (砲石) to summon characters. Some gacha sections will give you a guaranteed 5 star rarity character if you have summoned 100 times. Cannon Stones can be obtained via:

  • Completing story challenges,
  • Completing missions,
  • Log in reward, and
  • Buying it from the Shop (costing real money, the currency is yen for JP server)

You can also summon with friend points. Summoning via Friend Points will yield Gen (幻) coins (it is used for buying arrangement songs in the Shop), resources for upgrading a character's rarity, and sometimes low rarity characters and/or Shadowgraphs. Friend Points can be obtained by using your friend or other player's character in non-PvP games. Everyday, you will be given one chance to summon in this section for free.

You can also summon a character with a special ticket for a guaranteed rarity depending on which rarity your ticket is.


All characters have a rarity of one through five. With materials collected within the game, character rarities are able to be raised. When the rarity is upgraded, the 3D model and the card illustration will change. The character's spell card will be upgraded as well. When you raise the character's level and rarity to max, you unlock a cover of their song with vocals.


This section is a place to play PvP matches against other human players. There are two methods for you to start a game:

  • By creating a room and inviting your friends to play with you, and
  • By matching up with random human players.

After all players are ready or matched up, the rule and difficulty of the game will be chosen randomly.

After finishing a multiplayer game, aside from being given rewards, you will also given EXP points for your Multi Rank. Raising up your rank will give you a reward depending on which rank you are now. Also, if you have bought a Multi Pass from Rinnosuke (the Shop), you will receive an additional reward every time you rank up.