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Touhou Card Monsters

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Touhou Card Monsters
Touhou Card Monsters

Strawberry Bose


Strawberry Bose


2012-12-30 (Comiket 83)


Role-Playing Card Game


Single-player story mode


Windows X/Vista/7/8


VRAM: GeForce 2XX, Radeon HD, or Intel HD Graphics, CPU: Core2Duo, Memory: 2GB or above, DirectX: 9.0c or above, HDD: 2GB or above

東方カードモンスターズ (Touhou Card Monsters) is a traditional turn-based RPG released at Comiket 83. It combines in-game elements of The Genius of Sappheiros and Devil of Decline, its predecessors from the same creator.


Although the gameplay is much similar to its predecessor Devil of Decline, it introduces the concept of monster cards in battle. The player must capture monster cards to engage in battle with opponents. Unlike the shikigamis from Devil of Decline, the monsters spawned by the monster cards in Touhou Card Monsters directly engage in battle, can die from opponent attacks, and evolve into stronger monsters upon usage of the evolution badge. A player can have up to two monster cards in battle, up to six monster cards per deck, and an unlimited number of cards in possession.
Another novel aspect of Touhou Card Monsters is that the player can engage in battles with other players by linking his/her twitter account to the game. If the player chooses to do so, the player will often run into other players who are currently playing the game. There are no penalties for losing the battle; however, if the player wins, the player earns the first monster card used in the battle by the opponent player.


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