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NOTE: The contents of this page refer to Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m. ph3 has some noticeable differences from 0.12m in terms of controls, gameplay, etc.


The game may be played using either a keyboard or a gamepad. Key assignment can be configured with config.exe.

Keyboard controls are as follows:

  • Fundamental
    • The Arrow Keys move the character around
    • Z causes a short barrage of shots to be fired; it may be held down for rapidfire
    • X releases a bomb, also known as a Spell Card (presuming that any are left)
    • Left shift slows the character's movement and focuses their shots into a tighter area
    • Esc pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu
    • Left ctrl fast-forwards through any dialogue
  • Advanced
    • PageUp accelerates the play speed and PageDn cancels it
    • Space accelerates the play speed while it is held down
    • R resets the application
    • BackSpace lets us retry the script
    • Home saves screenshots; entire, play field, and 1/4 size version of it
    • P pauses the game and P or re-activating cancels it
    • Alt+Enter toggles between window mode and fullscreen mode
    • F12 exits the application
  • Debug
    • I makes the character invincible and U cancels it
    • F extends Players and Bombs
    • H inflicts damage (10% of the max enemy life) for the enemy

Basic Gameplay

Touhou Danmakufu plays like original Touhou series.

There are 6 game modes: All, Single, Plural, Stage, Directory, and Random.

  • All lists all the available scripts.
  • Single lists all the available single-file scripts.
  • Plural lists all the available multi-file scripts.
  • Stage lists all the available stage scripts.
  • Directory browses the script folder.
  • Random plays one of the available scripts at random.

Default Scoring

Following are the scoring mechanics built in to Touhou Danmakufu. Note that in ph3 the score for damaging enemies and scoring rate have been removed.


Any damage you deal to any enemy, whether it be caused by your shots or your bombs, will cause your score to increase; the rate of increase depends on your graze counter, the base rate being multiplied by floor(graze/10), which can become quite significant at higher levels of graze. Actually destroying enemies may or may not provide additional score depending on whether they are programmed to. In addition, enemies shoot bullets for you to "graze" and release items for you to collect, and those are very important for scoring as covered below.


"Grazing a bullet" means to have a bullet or laser come dangerously close to your hitbox. Each graze will increase your "Graze number" by 1, which is used to calculate the Clear bonus. You can only graze a bullet once, so you won't gain any additional graze by following a bullet. Lasers can be continually grazed throughout their duration, but once again, moving around will not gain you any additional graze. Grazing by itself is not worth points, but it will increase the rate at which score is gained when damaging enemies (see above).

Point Items

As its name implies, point items are a source of points in the game. The higher up on the screen you collect them, the more points they are worth, up to a defined maximum. You can easily tell when you are collecting point items for their maximum value, since they show the value in yellow text. The auto-item-collect line is the same height as the height where point items reach their maximum value, so take advantage of this fact wherever you can for massive points. The maximum value of the inbuilt point items equals 10000, multiplied by the scoring rate if active.

Scoring Rate

By default, the bare score is not directly added to your score in Touhou Danmakufu. Scoring rate, if enabled for the script being played, is shown at left-bottom of the game field and is multiplied to the gained score. Scoring rate fluctuates based on the following conditions:

  • Shot increases the scoring rate by bits.
  • Getting a spell card adds 2 to the scoring rate and the upper bound.
  • Losing a life decrease 25% of the scoring rate.

The scoring rate has a minimum of 1.00 and will increase up to the upper bound, in a similar way to the cherry system of Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Star Items

These items appear any time an enemy bullet is cancelled out. This can happen when you defeat an attack pattern of a boss (by depleting their current healthbar), at the moment you gain maximum shot power, when you destroy a certain enemy, or when you erase enemy bullets with a bomb. Each star item is worth 300 points + 10 points for every 40 grazes you have by that point. So for example, if you currently have 304 graze and you collect a star item, it will be worth 300 + (10 * (304 / 40)) = 370 points. The only exception is when star items are created by a bomb, in which case each star item generated is worth exactly 100 points.

Spell Card Bonus

Occasionally, a boss will attack using a Spell Card. You will know this is happening when the background changes and the Spell Card's name appears in the upper right corner of the screen. If the boss's healthbar is depleted within the time limit and without getting hit or using a bomb, the Spell Card bonus will be added to your score.

The bonus starts at a value depending on the Spell Card. As the time remaining decreases, the base bonus decreases in value as well. The bonus is affected by the current scoring rate (if active), which is why it may sometimes increase.

Character Statistics

By default, there are two characters to choose from, each of which have two styles of attack. The player decides which character to play and which attack type to use before playing a script. User-defined characters can be added in version 0.12 or later.

Basic Performance
Moving Speed: ★★★
Attack Range: ★★★★
Attack Power: ★★★
Reimu Type A
霊符 (Spirit Spell Card)
Shot: 「ホーミングアミュレット」 ("Homing Amulet")
Bomb: 「夢想封印」 ("Fantasy Seal")
Summary: Excellent against swarms of weak enemies, but less effective against bosses.
Reimu Type B
夢符 (Dream Spell Card)
Shot: 「パスウェイジョンニードル」 ("Persuasion Needle")
Bomb: 「封魔陣」 ("Evil-Sealing Circle")
Summary: A good balance in damage and area covered, but the bomb is fairly weak.
Basic Performance
Moving Speed: ★★★★
Attack Range: ★
Attack Power: ★★★★
Marisa Type A
魔符 (Magic Spell Card)
Shot: 「マジックミサイル」 ("Magic Missile")
Bomb: 「スターダストレヴァリエ」 ("Stardust Reverie")
Summary: Excellent against bosses, but only covers a small area of the screen.
Marisa Type B
恋符 (Love Spell Card)
Shot: 「イリュージョンレーザー」 ("Illusion Laser")
Bomb: 「マスタースパーク」 ("Master Spark")
Summary: A little lacking in both damage and coverage, but the bomb is very strong.