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Reimu and Marisa floating on the Windows 7 desktop.

Touhou Desktop Pets are programs that displays a cute, floating little character on the Windows desktop. They only run in the processes so there is no button on the taskbar. A character functions as a "pet" and can be interacted with the mouse cursor.

It is recommended that the executable and the folder containing it should be renamed before you run the pet. You can find the pets here.

Pet Girls.png

How to use[edit]


  • Mouse-over expression: Moves her eyes (or gives a look) towards you if the mouse cursor is hovering over the pet.
  • Dizzy-spin: Move mouse cursor quickly over the pet horizontally. If to the left, she moves left afterwards, and to the right, she moves right afterwards. (Except for Yukari Yakumo, instead she gaps herself and pops out on a different spot)
  • Vertical move: Move mouse cursor quickly over the pet vertically. If up, she ascends, and down, she descends.
  • Double-click: Changes the state of the pet only on certain characters. Examples: Youmu Konpaku draws her blade, Reisen Udongein Inaba and Yukari Yakumo change outfits, and Nitori Kawashiro becomes barely visible.
  • Right-click: Opens up a sub-menu: "Config" and "Close" in Japanese.


Click on "Config" to open the configuration box. Everything is in Japanese.


Here is the rundown on these options. (Options in italics cover additional ones not shown in the picture above. This picture is just the configuration for Reimu Hakurei.)


  • The first option is the movement speed.
  • The check box below it allows the pet to follow the mouse cursor and fly around it while checked.
  • This check box displays the pet always on top of windows that may appear while checked.
  • If a character has double-click interaction, this check box will allow the pet to be in a different state the next time the pet is run while checked.
  • For Alice Margatroid, Yuyuko Saigyouji & Letty Whiterock only. This check box allows her to display floating objects while checked.

Mouse Options[edit]

  • This check box disables dizzy-spin (gapping) interaction while checked.
  • Below it, for Cirno only, if check box is unchecked, this option sets how many dizzy-spins before she feels sick. The poor thing...
  • This check box disables vertical move interaction while checked.
  • This check box disables mouse-over expression while checked.
  • If a character has double-click interaction, this check box will disable it while checked.
  • Below it, for Nitori Kawashiro only, this option sets the translucency level.
  • For Yukari Yakumo only. This check box enables her to pop out to a different spot after gapping while checked. If unchecked, she pops out to the same spot.

Mystia Lorelei can act as a music player. Press "File" to load a .wav, .wma, .mp3 or .mid file. Click OK, double-click the Mystia pet and watch her go! To unload the file, press "Del."

Movement Options[edit]

  • This option is the dizzy-spin speed.
  • This option is the vertical move speed.
  • This option is how often the pet stops moving.
  • For Patchouli Knowledge only. This option is how often she opens her book after she stops.
  • For Yuyuko Saigyouji only. This option is how often she extends her arms out after she stops.
  • This option is how long the pet stays still before she moves again.
  • For Patchouli Knowledge only. This option is how long she reads her book before she closes it.

Restriction Options[edit]

These last options will set a determined boundary box for the pet to fly around in and she cannot leave the boundary. While this check box is checked, she only flies in the boundary box. Click on "Area" to set the X, Y location of the top-left corner and the bottom-right corner of the box.


  • Running the Patchouli Knowledge pet in Windows Vista or later requires Administrator's permission.
  • Running pets may cause tooltips on mouse hover to not display on other running programs.
  • Windows 8 notes:
  • The pets will not be visible on Start Screen or Modern UI Apps, only on the Desktop.
  • If you are viewing the Desktop with a snapped App, the pets will travel under the snapped App.
  • If follow mouse cursor is enabled and a Screen Saver starts when the computer is left idle, the pet will go to and fly around a corner of the Desktop. This also applies to Windows 10.


The pets at the Nicozon page point to with download information and all pets are password protected. Consult the main article for details.

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