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Touhou Doujin Music Distribution

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Touhou Doujin Music Distribution (東方同人音楽流通) acts as the publisher for Touhou Project doujin music circles on digital platforms. It offers digital downloads of albums on iTunes and BOOTH, and provides music for the streaming services Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. Music is also sold per track on iTunes. Music was also initially published on Google Play Music until its shutdown in November 2020. Most of the announcements are made through the streaming show Touhou no Uta.


On 12 October 2018, it was announced that the label would start selling Touhou music on 14 October 2018, the same day as Autumn Reitaisai 5 was held. Approximately 4,500 tracks by 15 circles were published. On 27 April 2019, the label opened a BOOTH store, which was closed again two years later in October 2021. Over the years various albums by the original groups as well as new groups have been added to the list. There are currently over 19000 Touhou arrangements available on the platforms.

In November 2020 the service was expanded to the streaming platforms Apple Music and YouTube Music, and in April 2021 also to Spotify. A month later music also became available on Amazon Music.

In August 2021 soundtracks of the Touhou Project games have been added to all the streaming services.


RightScale manages music uploads on digital platforms. After the announcement of Touhou Doujin Music Distribution, RightsScale announced their partnership. [1] Copyright claims on YouTube are by RightsScale on behalf of Touhou Doujin Music Distribution.

List of artists

The lists uses the names as they appear in international stores.


  • Several artists appear with Touhou music in stores and streaming services while not part of Touhou Doujin Music Distribution, like MAIKAZE, Frozen Starfall, Moon-Tone, RichaadEB, and YaboiMatoi.
  • The official website has been outdated ever since the start.

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