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Touhou Gensokyo Rensa

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Touhou rensa.jpg

Touhou Gensokyo Rensa (東方幻想連鎖 -東方ファンタズマゴリア-) is a combat style touhou game where the players are flying and throwing danmaku against their opponent. It has been made by OHBA堂. It contains a Story mode, arcade mode, VS human mode, VS CPu mode, a training mode, and a watch mode were 2 CPU battle against each other.


Player One buttons:

  • left: Q (for azerty keyboard) or A (for qwerty keyboard)
  • right: D
  • up :Z (for azerty keyboard) or Q (for qwerty keyboard)
  • down: S
  • basic attack: H
  • homing attack: J
  • heavy attack: K
  • Dash: L + direction
  • Melee combat: 2x L + direction
  • Use spellcard: H+J+K

Player Two buttons:

  • left: left arrow
  • right: right arrow
  • up: up arrow
  • down: down arrow
  • basic attack: 4 (numerical pad)
  • homing attack: 5 (numerical pad)
  • heavy attack: 6 (numerical pad)
  • Dash: 1(numerical pad) + direction
  • Melee combat: 2x 1(numerical pad) + direction
  • Use spellcard: 4+5+6

Notes on attacks: Range, effect and duration of each attack depend on the selected character. The speed of the bullets increases if you give a direction to the attack. Notes on spellcards: To increase the damage of the spellcard you most take the red power up. There are 3 levels of power

  • Level 1 will send some little fairies that fire very few bullets
  • Level 2 will send Lilly that is a little bit more effective
  • Level 3 is unique to each character. It will send a replica of the danmaku spellcard from the original Touhou games.


Playable characters are

  1. Reimu
  2. Marisa
  3. Sakuya (unlockable)
  4. Remilia (unlockable)
  5. Youmu (unlockable)
  6. Yuyuko (unlockable)
  7. Yukari (unlockable)

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