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Spell Card Story Mode 1
森符「バイオレントトリコローマ」 (Morifu "Baiorento Torikorooma")
Forest Sign "Violent Tricholoma"[1][2]
Marisa Kirisame
Stage 1 (Reimu)


  1. The Japanese name of "tricholoma" is literally "yellow damp-ground" (黄湿地 ki shimeji), which was originally the abbreviated form of "yellow damp-ground mushroom" (黄湿地茸 ki shimeji dake). You can see the fungi not only in this spellcard, but also on the stage name of story mode.
  2. As above, "tricholoma" is literally "yellow damp-ground mashroom" in Japanese. Obviously this indicates the fungi Marisa scatters in the spellcard. On another explanation however it would imply Marisa herself — "yellow" is a blonde hair, and "damp-ground mushroom" is a person who loves such a fungus.