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Spell Card Story Mode 1
湧泉「熱鬼掘削撃」 (Yuusen "Nekki Kussaku Geki")
Gushing Spring "Heated Oni's Excavation Strike" [1]
Yuugi Hoshiguma
Stage 3 (Reimu, Marisa)
Spell Card Story Mode 2
怨泉「極楽温泉地獄」 (Onsen "Gokuraku Onsen Jigoku")
Vengeful Spring "Heavenly Hot Spring Hell" [2][3][4]
Yuugi Hoshiguma
Stage 3 (Reimu, Marisa)


  1. 熱鬼 (nekki, lit. "heat oni"): homophone pun on 熱気 (nekki, "heated air")
  2. 怨泉 (onsen, lit. 'vengeful spring'): homophone pun on 温泉 (onsen, "hot spring").
  3. 極楽 (Gokuraku, lit. "Full of Sukha") is the Japanese name of Sukhavati. The word is also commonly used to describe pleasant situations such as a hot spring bath, similarly to how one might describe something as "heavenly" in English.
  4. 地獄 (Jigoku lit. "earth prison") refers to Hell (see page for further etymology). 温泉地獄 (onsen jigoku) is a pun on 温泉地 (onsenchi, lit. "hot spring ground/location") and 地獄 (Jigoku). Certain hot springs are also colloquially referred to as "hells" (jigoku onsen/onsen jigoku), notably Beppu.