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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Spell Cards

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Cards that can be assembled into a player's deck are divided into three different categories in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody: system cards, skill cards, and spell cards.

  • System cards differs from the ones in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Now each character has her own personalized system card, which can be used by anyone, with effects including Bombs, Guard Reversals, Card Gauge Boosters, and Life and Spirit Regenerators, etc. They can be obtained by defeating the character associated with the card.
  • Skill cards allows you to increase the amount of damage dealt or change properties of special moves, or lets you replace default special moves with another attack.
  • Spell cards are the equivalent of Supers in other fightings games, and are moves that are much more powerful than normal moves and can be quite spectacular.

Every character's total spell card deck contains 21 System cards, at least 8 skill cards, and at least 8 spell cards depending on each character. Each card can only be equipped up to 4 times, with a 20 card limit in each character's deck during gameplay.

Some cards are initially not available for certain characters, and must be earned by either playing Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Vs Com, Vs Player, or Vs Network. Certain cards are rarer than others and are rewarded less frequently. In addition, you also earn the cards of your opponent's character for your own profile whenever you fight them in any of the aforementioned modes.

There are also more spell cards that are available only to the CPU in Story Mode.

Note that, new to Touhou Hisoutensoku, the player can instant-activate skills by declaring the card without pressing a directional button. This will cause the character to use the skill and card at the same time rather than going into her card-declaration pose. Cards activated in this manner will still consume a spirit orb, but can still be used if the player has less than one spirit orb left. Cards that correspond to skills that can be activated in the air can also be used in the air.


Each page will contain all the story, skill and spell cards of the character. Cards carried over from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody are not listed.