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Alice wins Marisa[edit]

Alice そろそろ、究極の人形が完成しそうよ
Soon, the ultimate doll should be complete.
With this, the forest will be mine.

Alice wins herself[edit]

Alice 自分で考える人形より、自分で操った方が
It seems that it's more convenient to control the dolls myself than have dolls that think on their own.

Alice wins Patchouli[edit]

Alice 引越し大変そうね
Moving seems like it'd be such a hassle.
Way too many books.

Alice wins Remilia[edit]

Alice なんか作ってあげようか?
You want me to make you something?
A tough, square doll?

Alice wins Yukari[edit]

Alice 人形が供養される度に幻想郷に落ちてるのよね Every time a service was held for a doll, it gets dropped into Gensokyo, I see.

Alice wins Suika[edit]

Alice もうすぐ、貴方の鼻を明かしてやるわ
Pretty soon, I'll cut you down to size.
You have no exclusive patent on enlargement!

Alice wins Sanae[edit]

Alice 霊夢とは大違いね
You're very different from Reimu.
Yes, shrine maidens and gods are to be a pair.

Alice wins Cirno[edit]

Alice 貴方が人形の中に紛れ込んでいても
Even if you were stuffed inside a doll,
I don't think anyone would notice...

Alice wins Meiling[edit]

Alice 貴方の国の地下に、一万体くらいもの兵隊の人形が
埋まってるだって? 凄いわ
Aren't there about ten thousand soldier dolls
buried under your country? Amazing. [1]

Alice wins Utsuho[edit]

Alice 鴉って太陽のイメージが無いのよね I don't really associate crows with the sun.

Alice wins Suwako[edit]

Alice 蛙のぬいぐるみは里の人間の間で人気高いのです
Stuffed frogs are very popular among the humans of the village.
But tadpoles are quite nice.

Alice wins someone[edit]

Alice 新しい闘い方の研究に余念がない
Thinking of nothing but researching the new fighting techniques,
everyone's so starved for battle. [2]
Alice 数は多いに越した事は無い
Nothing is better than strength in numbers.
Big things are a combination of small things!


^ The Terracotta Army
^ Everyone from SWR got new skills for this game.