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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Aya's Script

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Aya wins Reimu

Aya もしかして、この神社の御利益って
Hm, perhaps this shrine's blessing
is the discovery of new news material?
Aya あいも変わらずネタを提供してくれている神社には
As always I'm able to find news at the shrine.
I must pay my respects to it somehow.

Aya wins Sakuya

Aya 凄いです! 貴方がここまでのジャグリングの名手だと知りませんでした! Amazing! I didn't know you were such a good juggler!
Aya 手品師の方ですね?
Are you a stage magician?
Next time, I want to see you cut a body in half.

Aya wins Alice

Aya 今度、是非取材させてください
Next time, please let me interview you!
I want to see where you put the gunpowder in the dolls!
Aya 人形といえば非想天則をみましたか?
Speaking of dolls, have you seen the Hisou Tensoku?
That seems to move very much like a doll as well.

Aya wins Yukari

Aya 参考までに、外の世界の新聞も見てみたいです
I'd like to see a newspaper from outside for reference.
Certainly topics of mockery are the most well-received?
Aya テレビ欄……ですか?
A television... guide?
I don't know what that is but it sounds interesting!

Aya wins Suika

Aya 地底も楽しそうでしたね
It seems like fun underground too.
You think we can live underground too?
Aya 貴方が活動的だと、何か事件が起きている


Even though you are active,
I can't imagine you starting up incidents.

Are you hiding something?

Aya wins Komachi

Aya 来週の死者コーナーは不評でしたね
The "Next Week's Deceased Corner" was unpopular.
It didn't seem to be very accurate.

Aya wins Iku

Aya 果たして、地震の完全予知は可能なのでしょうか?
Just as I thought, it's possible to predict earthquakes, isn't it?
I'm very interested in that.
Aya 龍宮の使いの生態調査の記事はインテリ層に
The article on the habitual behaviors of the oarfish
was a hit with the intellectuals. Even though I just filled it with imagination.

Aya wins Tenshi

Aya 天界の貧しいと言われる料理が一体どの位貧しいのか興味は尽きないです I'm dying to know just how bad the fabled poor cuisine of Heaven is.
Aya 天人様は新聞を読んだりしないのですか?
Do the Celestials not read my newspaper?
Haven't you heard the saying "Voice of Heaven & Speech of Man"? [1]

Aya wins Sanae

Aya あ、ネタを提供しない方の巫女ですね
Ah, the miko who couldn't give me any scoops.
Are you still running around for the mountain lately?

Aya wins Cirno

Aya 実は、妖精が一番面白い事をするのです
Actually, I think fairies are the most interesting.
And the one over there is the most interesting of fairies.

Aya wins Meiling

Aya 紅魔館はいつもお世話になっております
I have a lot to thank the Scarlet Devil Mansion for.
Providing scoops, and the mass subscriptions, too.

Aya wins Utsuho

Aya 麓の温泉は好評のようですね。
The hot spring beneath the mountain was a success.
With it, you improve the mountain's economy. Just as expected from nuclear fusion!

Aya wins Suwako

Aya 非想天則を考えたのは貴方でしたか
So you were there one who thought of the idea of the Hisou Tensoku?
How does it work?


^ The "Voice of Heaven & Speech of Man" or "TenseiJingo" is the most famous article in Japanese newspapers; a small column of Asahi Newspaper. Why Aya solicits Tenshi is that a Celestial, viz. Person of Heaven (人) is appropriate for 声人語 (Voice of Heaven & Speech of Man), which is originally named as "there is Voice in Heaven, Heaven has man speak it". (Ten ni koe ari, hito wo shite katarashimu. 天に声あり、人をして語らしむ)