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Cirno wins Reimu[edit]

Cirno おっと、最近巫女が増えたけど区別する気無いよ! Man, there've been more shrine maidens lately... but they're no different!

Cirno wins Marisa[edit]

Cirno 魔法使いだってコチンコチンだよ! I can even freeze magicians!

Cirno wins Sakuya[edit]

Cirno 私はあんな家で働きたくないね! I don't wanna work in a mansion like that!

Cirno wins Alice[edit]

Cirno えーっと、何処かで会ったっけ?
Uhhh, have we met somewhere?
Can't remember...
Cirno あんたの人形には心が詰まってるのよ
You keep your dolls close to your heart.
You won't find any gaps in a fairy like that!

Cirno wins Patchouli[edit]

Cirno あんたの周り、不自然な自然で一杯よ! Your surroundings are full of unnatural naturalness!

Cirno wins Youmu[edit]

Cirno 幽霊はいまいち相性が悪い…… I don't really get along well with phantoms...

Cirno wins Remilia[edit]

Cirno 動きに無駄が多いんじゃないのー? けけっ Don't you make a lot of useless movements? Hehe.

Cirno wins Yuyuko[edit]

Cirno 幽霊はどうも調子狂うなぁ…… You phantoms sure are crazy...

Cirno wins Yukari[edit]

Cirno あれでしょ? よく判らない事言って判ってる
That's it, isn't it? You're just pretending to understand
those hard-to-understand things you say, aren't you?

Cirno wins Suika[edit]

Cirno 何々?
What's this?
It's got such a captivating smell...

Cirno wins Reisen[edit]

Cirno あれ? 夏は茶色くなるんじゃないの? 兎って Huh? Shouldn't you be turning brown for the summer, rabbit?

Cirno wins Aya[edit]

Cirno もっと記事にしてよ~
Write more articles~
It doesn't matter if there's stuff to write about or not.

Cirno wins Komachi[edit]

Cirno 死ぬもんか!
Fear death!?
Not with that lame scythe. [1]

Cirno wins Iku[edit]

Cirno 雲の中は氷が体に付くから嫌 Ice clings to your body when you're in the clouds... I hate that.

Cirno wins Tenshi[edit]

Cirno 漬け物するなら、漬かる前に食べちゃうよ!
If you're going to pickle veggies, do it before you eat them!
But you don't need to pickle a rock.

Cirno wins Sanae[edit]

Cirno また巫女ね!
Man, a shrine maiden again!
All shrine maidens do is exterminate youkai!

Cirno wins herself[edit]

Cirno ほら、あたいったら最強だって Check it out. That's why I'm the strongest.

Cirno wins Meiling[edit]

Cirno あたいの手にかかればハスもハラハラ! In my hands, even a lotus falls apart!

Cirno wins Utsuho[edit]

Cirno ぎゃー Gyaaahー
Cirno もしかして、太陽だって勝てるんじゃない?



Doesn't this mean... I'm stronger than the sun?

There's no way I can lose!

I'm the strongest, most invincible fairy of all!

Cirno wins Suwako[edit]

Cirno 冬眠!凍眠!知ってた?
Go into hibernation! Sleep in the cold! Y'know?
When you freeze a hibernating frog, it doesn't wake up... ever.

Cirno wins someone[edit]

Cirno 弱いわー
So weak!
That was like doing warm-ups before practice!
Cirno もっと強い奴を探しに行くよ! I'm gonna have to look for some stronger opponents!
Cirno 凍らせる事も出来ない癖に
Even if some things can't be frozen,
I've gotta keep my pride!


^ According to the article in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the scythe is carried just for show, so it doesn't seem suited for cutting.