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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Cirno's Script

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Cirno wins Reimu

Cirno おっと、最近巫女が増えたけど区別する気無いよ! Man, there've been more shrine maidens lately... but they're no different!

Cirno wins Marisa

Cirno 魔法使いだってコチンコチンだよ! I can even freeze magicians!

Cirno wins Sakuya

Cirno 私はあんな家で働きたくないね! I don't wanna work in a mansion like that!

Cirno wins Alice

Cirno えーっと、何処かで会ったっけ?
Uhhh, have we met somewhere?
Can't remember...
Cirno あんたの人形には心が詰まってるのよ
You keep your dolls close to your heart.
You won't find any gaps in a fairy like that!

Cirno wins Patchouli

Cirno あんたの周り、不自然な自然で一杯よ! Your surroundings are full of unnatural naturalness!

Cirno wins Youmu

Cirno 幽霊はいまいち相性が悪い…… I don't really get along well with phantoms...

Cirno wins Remilia

Cirno 動きに無駄が多いんじゃないのー? けけっ Don't you make a lot of useless movements? Hehe.

Cirno wins Yuyuko

Cirno 幽霊はどうも調子狂うなぁ…… You phantoms sure are crazy...

Cirno wins Yukari

Cirno あれでしょ? よく判らない事言って判ってる
That's it, isn't it? You're just pretending to understand
those hard-to-understand things you say, aren't you?

Cirno wins Suika

Cirno 何々?
What's this?
It's got such a captivating smell...

Cirno wins Reisen

Cirno あれ? 夏は茶色くなるんじゃないの? 兎って Huh? Shouldn't you be turning brown for the summer, rabbit?

Cirno wins Aya

Cirno もっと記事にしてよ~
Write more articles~
It doesn't matter if there's stuff to write about or not.

Cirno wins Komachi

Cirno 死ぬもんか!
Fear death!?
Not with that lame scythe. [1]

Cirno wins Iku

Cirno 雲の中は氷が体に付くから嫌 Ice clings to your body when you're in the clouds... I hate that.

Cirno wins Tenshi

Cirno 漬け物するなら、漬かる前に食べちゃうよ!
If you're going to pickle veggies, do it before you eat them!
But you don't need to pickle a rock.

Cirno wins Sanae

Cirno また巫女ね!
Man, a shrine maiden again!
All shrine maidens do is exterminate youkai!

Cirno wins herself

Cirno ほら、あたいったら最強だって Check it out. That's why I'm the strongest.

Cirno wins Meiling

Cirno あたいの手にかかればハスもハラハラ! In my hands, even a lotus falls apart!

Cirno wins Utsuho

Cirno ぎゃー Gyaaahー
Cirno もしかして、太陽だって勝てるんじゃない?



Doesn't this mean... I'm stronger than the sun?

There's no way I can lose!

I'm the strongest, most invincible fairy of all!

Cirno wins Suwako

Cirno 冬眠!凍眠!知ってた?
Go into hibernation! Sleep in the cold! Y'know?
When you freeze a hibernating frog, it doesn't wake up... ever.

Cirno wins someone

Cirno 弱いわー
So weak!
That was like doing warm-ups before practice!
Cirno もっと強い奴を探しに行くよ! I'm gonna have to look for some stronger opponents!
Cirno 凍らせる事も出来ない癖に
Even if some things can't be frozen,
I've gotta keep my pride!


^ According to the article in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the scythe is carried just for show, so it doesn't seem suited for cutting.