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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Iku's Script

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Iku wins Reimu

Iku 神社には人や妖怪が集まります。貴方はそれを
Humans and youkai gather at this shrine. Even though you don't say
it's because of your appeal, they still gather here nevertheless.

Iku wins Tenshi

Iku 地震に関係あるかどうか判りませんが
I don't know if it's because of the earthquake,
but there's been rabble emerging from underground.

Iku wins Sanae

Iku 人間が立ち入らない妖怪の山
The mountain of youkai which humans do not approach.
It is peculiar that you live there.

Iku wins Cirno

Iku 心まで冷え切ってはいない様ですね
It seems you aren't cold to the core.
Passion is always the charm of life.

Iku wins Meiling

Iku この屋敷の者が、本気で門を閉め切ろうと
Do you suppose the residents of this estate ever thought of seriously closing the gate for good?

Iku wins Utsuho

Iku 貴方は旧地獄に封印されていた鴉ですね
You're a raven sealed in the old hell, I see.
Though there are lots of other things coming from the underground....

Iku wins Suwako

Iku 信仰の厚い神様は力を持つと同時に自由を奪われる
Gods with abundant faith have power but at the same time lose their freedom to use it.
But you can use your power however you like.