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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Komachi's Script

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Komachi wins Reimu

Komachi 神社ってのは、死を忌み嫌うんだね
Shinto shrines refrain from anything relating to death right?
I mean, you don't even hold funerals there...

Komachi wins Youmu

Komachi あー冥界は人間らしい生活していていいねぇ
Ahh, living in the Netherworld is so much like living in the human world.
Dying and ending up in the Netherworld is the best.

Komachi wins Aya

Komachi へぇ、三途の河の川幅ねぇ……
Ooh, the breadth of the Sanzu River....
This is interesting news.
Komachi 是非曲直庁にも社内報のような物がある



The Ministry of Right and Wrong also has something like an internal news memo.

The printing technology of the tengu is certainly very similar to that of the oni in Hell, isn't it?

Just who in the heck came up with such technology, huh?

Komachi wins Sanae

Komachi おや?
My expectations were that humans who presumed to speak for the gods themselves would be different somehow...

Komachi wins Cirno

Komachi 退屈してそうだね
You look so bored.
Alright then, I'll be your playmate from now on!

Komachi wins Meiling

Komachi こんな悪魔の家に居ちゃ大変だろ?
Living in the house of a devil like this is a pain, right?
What, I'm just playing around a little bit. Don't get so angry.

Komachi wins Utsuho

Komachi おっと、旧地獄の鴉だって?
Oh my, you say you are a hell raven of the Old Hell?
Why would something that dangerous be aboveground?
Komachi 今の地獄は鬼達の統制が取れた



The present Hell became a place where oni are well disciplined
and injustices happen only rarely.

The oni of Old Hell were in cahoots with the sinners,
such that there were even souls who didn't want to leave hell.

You guys should, rather than a Hell like that,
try to look for work at the new Hell. How's that sound?

Komachi wins Suwako

Komachi 土の中から目覚める蛙も、脱皮を繰り返す蛇も
The frog who awoke from within the Earth, the snake who undyingly sheds

In the stages of life and rebirth, both of you can be seen as Gods who've completely transcended the cycle of suffering. Is that right?