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Marisa wins Reimu[edit]

Marisa 平和ボケって怖いな
Peace-senile is scary.
Everyone's like they're fighting for no reason.[1]
Marisa ああ、バザーで掘り出し物を見つけたぜ



Oh yeah, I've found something dug up at the bazaar.

That Seed of Unknown Form.

Maybe you can still find them lying around Gensokyo.

Marisa wins Sakuya[edit]

Marisa バザーに行くんだって? もう遅いぜ
You're going to the bazaar? You're too late,
almost all the good stuff's gone.

Marisa wins Alice[edit]

Marisa 今年は森にも陽の光が差して暑いな This sunshine is even making it hot in the forest this year.
Marisa あんまり暑い中に放って置くと
自爆したりしないのか? 人形
Won't they explode if you leave them out
for too long in this heat? Those dolls, that is.

Marisa wins Patchouli[edit]

Marisa 耐水性に優れた本もあるんだな
You've got waterproof books as well.
I bet you could even read those in the bath.
Marisa そういえば、私も本を書いたぜ



Speaking of which, I wrote a book too!

It's bad of me to keep borrowing books, so I'll put my book here at the library this time!

How much will you pay for it? [2]

Marisa wins Youmu[edit]

Marisa 冥界は季節があるのに、彼岸には無いんだってな Though there are seasons in the Netherworld, there aren't any in Higan, huh.

Marisa wins Remilia[edit]

Marisa 昼間ばっかで悪いな
Sorry I always come during the day.
I'm asleep at night.

Marisa wins Yuyuko[edit]

Marisa 墓場は夏のメッカだったな
Graveyards were the meccas of summer, yeah.
But... what's a mecca?

Marisa wins Yukari[edit]

Marisa 土用の丑に鰻を食べると何かが良いそうだ
How many eels should you eat in the midsummer day?
If it's a lamprey eel, one should be enough, I bet.
Marisa しかし、土用っていつ頃を指すんだ? However, who decides when midsummer is anyway?

Marisa wins Suika[edit]

Marisa 雲って、何が集まった物なんだ?
A cloud is a gathering of things, isn't it?
Why don't you ever ride one or something?
Marisa 今夜辺り、暇な奴集めてくれ
Gather the ones who have free time for me tonight.
When it gets cool after sundown, we'll have a party!

Marisa wins Reisen[edit]

Marisa 筍採りは意外と難しいな
Harvesting bamboo is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.
It's about as hard as it is to eat.
Marisa 高速で生える筍を見たぜ



I saw that fast-growin' bamboo.

When you run, it's easy to run into them.

Your traps are more dangerous
than a cat's.[3][4]

Marisa wins Aya[edit]

Marisa 良いこと思いついたぜ。新聞に天気予報を
I've got a good idea for you. Why don't you try
putting a weather forecast in the newspaper? Wouldn't that sell?
Marisa 新聞があると、自分でネタ仕入れに



With newspapers, you collect the stories yourself
so no one else has to go anywhere.

That's convenient, but everyone reading the same thing
is boring.

I could beat you at your own game by just walking around myself.
Maybe you should try to write a paper like that too, you know?

Marisa wins Komachi[edit]

Marisa 河童にモーターボートでも作ってもらったらどうだ?
How about have the kappa make you a motorboat?
It'd make your job fun.
Marisa お前の舟は沈みやすいのか?



Does your boat sink easily?

No, it's just that I heard that the boats
that phantoms ride on sink easily.

Maybe it's not for all phantoms,
just a certain one?

Marisa wins Sanae[edit]

Marisa 随分と妖怪退治業が板に付いてきたな So you're really starting to get the hang of youkai extermination, huh?
Marisa 妖怪退治ばっかりしていると
If you do nothing but youkai hunting, you might become close to one yourself.

Marisa wins Cirno[edit]

Marisa ああ悪いな
Ah, my bad.
I actually haven't seen a Daidarabotchi.

Marisa wins Meiling[edit]

Marisa 私に勝つつもりだったのか?
What's it to you if you beat me?
I'm not letting you catch up to my skill level.

Marisa wins Utsuho[edit]

Marisa いやしかしアレだな
No, it's just that.
It's so hot today. So hot, I could die. [5]

Marisa wins Suwako[edit]

Marisa いつになったら分けてくれるんだ?
Will you spare me some of that sometime?
That nuclear energy.

Marisa wins someone[edit]

Marisa 何も起きて無くてもみんな変わらないな
When nothing happens, everyone stays the same.
It's such a boring situation.
Marisa 怖いのは夕立が降る前に勝てるかどうかくらいだ It's scary just whether I can win before I have a rush rain in the evening. [6]


^ Peace-senile (heiwa boke) is quite a odd Japanese word, meaning "most Japanese people's own typical way of thinking due to quite a long peaceful period under the US nuclear umbrella after WWII. E.g., too disregarding to the safety of Japan mainland, and too undefended for dangerous behavior of other people.
^ Marisa did talk about selling her book to a library....
^ Fast-growing bamboo appears on the 24th chapter of Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth.
^ The cat associated with fast growing bamboo is a parody of City Connection: the counterpart of spike is the bamboo shoot in Japanese version.
^ Marisa said the same phrase on Stage 5 of Marisa and Alice's Scenario of Subterranean Animism.
^ In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Marisa suffered from drizzle, so Marisa is wanting to avoid the rain. 夕立 (yuudachi, rushing rain in the evening) is a characteristic Japanese climate, rushing rain's suddenly falling and disappearing only seen in summer evenings.