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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Meiling's Script

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Meiling wins Reimu

Meiling 最近、ことごとく異変の解決に失敗しているように
You really haven't been doing a good job at solving these incidents recently.
At least, to me.

Meiling wins Marisa

Meiling おっと、そこまでよ!
Hey, stop right there!
The library's closed for the day!

Meiling wins Sakuya

Meiling 私だっていつもは手加減しているのですよ?
I'm always just going easy, you see?
I won't go easy on you in an official duel.

Meiling wins Alice

Meiling 人形を使うのは呪術を好む者が多い
There are many who like to use dolls in their magic.
A lot of them are up to no good too.

Meiling wins Patchouli

Meiling ですから、地震対策はした方がいいですよ?
That's why I said we need to prepare for earthquakes!
The books will be damaged, too...

Meiling wins Youmu

Meiling 白羽取りかー
Catching a white feather, huh...?
That looks kind of cool. Maybe I can practice with you? [1]

Meiling wins Remilia

Meiling あら、調子悪いみたいですね
My, you don't look so well.
Is it because it's noon?
Meiling あ、この間の漫画は面白かったです



Ah, that manga was interesting.

So the tengu don't only make newspapers, but these kind of books as well.

Well, I got scolded a bit after I borrowed that manga though.

Meiling wins Yuyuko

Meiling キョンシー……とは違うのかな? You're....different from a jiangshi, right? [2]

Meiling wins Yukari

Meiling 手応えがおかしいわね
I felt some odd resistance.
What are you wearing underneath your clothes?

Meiling wins Suika

Meiling 小さい相手は闘いにくいなぁ Sure is hard to fight the little ones.

Meiling wins Reisen

Meiling 竹林はいつも迷うんですよねぇ
I always get lost in the bamboo forest.
Though it's not like I go there often.

Meiling wins Aya

Meiling 写真に撮られると魂が抜かれるって聞きましたが…… I've heard that you can have your soul stolen by a photograph... [3]

Meiling wins Komachi

Meiling 死神ですか
A shinigami? I met one here just now.

Meiling wins Iku

Meiling 雷も貴方の仕業なのですか?
Are you responsible for the lightning as well?
Oh, you're not?

Meiling wins Tenshi

Meiling へえ、天界では祖国の古典を勉強したりするんですね Oh, so in Heaven they study the classics of my homeland!

Meiling wins Sanae

Meiling あれ?
Eh? I wonder how you might be different from the shrine maiden of the east?

Meiling wins Cirno

Meiling 手が冷たい……
My hands are cold... I'll need to be rougher next time.

Meiling wins herself

Meiling 常に自分を見つめ直すのです One must always improve one's self.

Meiling wins Utsuho

Meiling いやいや、そんな火の玉
Nuh-uh, that kind of fireball is too dangerous.

Meiling wins Suwako

Meiling 土の中に潜った……?
Hiding in the ground...? Wasn't expecting that.

Meiling wins someone

Meiling あーすっきりした
Ah, that was easy enough.
Without vigorous movement, the body becomes weak.
Meiling 飛び道具ばっかに頼っちゃ勿体ないですよ?
Relying on projectiles is a waste.
Beating them directly feels better.
Meiling みんなまだまだね!
You're all not there yet!
You're all children compared to 4000 years of history.


^ "Catching a white feather", or usually called "Catching a white blade with real swords" (shinken shiraha dori, 真剣白刃取り), looks quite cool but is very dangerous, stopping a sword swung by an opponent by catching it between one's bare hands.
^ Jiangshi are Chinese zombies otherwise known as hopping corpses, like Yoshika Miyako.
^ When cameras were first introduced to China, this was what the Chinese believed. This was also spread to Japan.