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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Patchouli's Script

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Patchouli wins Reimu

Patchouli 神社は魔法を使うのに向いていない場所
The shrine isn't a good place for using magic.
It needs to be more chaotic.

Patchouli wins Marisa

Patchouli 魔法の本質は万物の根源を調べること
The essence of magic is to determine the root cause of all things.
There's no distinction between science and magic.

Patchouli wins Sakuya

Patchouli 最近、また鼠の被害が増えているわ Recently, that rat has been doing more damage again.

Patchouli wins Alice

Patchouli 人形を操っているのは魔法の糸だろうけど
Though you're using magical strings to control the dolls,
controlling so many is quite a feat.

Patchouli wins herself

Patchouli しかし、分身は疲れる However, image-splitting is tiring...

Patchouli wins Youmu

Patchouli 幽霊の存在を魔法で説明するのは、魔法の勉強の
Explaining the existence of phantoms using magic is a good first step in studying it.

Patchouli wins Remilia

Patchouli もう一度行ってみる? 河童の処に
You want to go see the kappa's place again?
But it's so close to the river.

Patchouli wins Yuyuko

Patchouli 人間が死ぬと魔法が使えるようになる
When humans die they become able to use magic.
That is the same as giving up humanity.

Patchouli wins Yukari

Patchouli 外の世界の魔法は進んでいるのよね
The magic outside sure has advanced.
There are too few researchers in Gensokyo.
Patchouli あれから、地下世界から色んなもんが


After that, there's been various things that spurt out from the underworld, it seems.

There was something that came out in early spring.
Did you notice?

Patchouli wins Suika

Patchouli 柊の葉が眼に刺さるって
The eyes of the holly olive leaves are stuck?
What a ridiculous line. [1]

Patchouli wins Reisen

Patchouli なんか、眼が悪くなったかな My eyes must be getting worse or something.

Patchouli wins Aya

Patchouli 天狗は、どちらかっていうと魔法使いのタイプよね
If you want to sort them, tengu are the magician types.
They're the same in seeking the truth.

Patchouli wins Komachi

Patchouli 彼岸には昼も夜も、夏も冬もないらしいわね
The Higan has no day or night, no winter or summer.
I wonder what that means.

Patchouli wins Iku

Patchouli 雲を泳ぐって便利よね
Swimming through the clouds sure is convenient.
I wonder if you ever meet dragons.

Patchouli wins Tenshi

Patchouli 天界には天気がないのかしら?
Heaven has no weather?
So you mean, weather is something that was conjured?

Patchouli wins Sanae

Patchouli 呪術的な物は、姿を真似る事を基礎とする


Curses base themselves on imitating form.

From the starting line, they are different from the magic which expose the truth.
But I guess in the end they are the same thing.

Patchouli wins Cirno

Patchouli 妖精は自然現象その物であり、魔法では妖精を
Fairies are things of natural phenomenon.
And there are often instances of magic controlling fairies. Hence they are slaves.

Patchouli wins Meiling

Patchouli で?
Are you properly doing your job?
Patchouli 漫画ばっか読んでるから眠くなるのよ



Reading manga all the time makes you sleepy.
That's because you don't use your head.

When you're sleepy, is it because you are not thinking,
or is it that it doesn't require thinking at all?

If you use your head, then you won't become sleepy.

Patchouli wins Utsuho

Patchouli で、核融合ってどういう仕組み?
So, how does nuclear fusion work?
I wonder how it creates energy.

Patchouli wins Suwako

Patchouli 神様が使う力は、基本的に呪術的な物ね The powers that gods use are basically curses, huh?

Patchouli wins someone

Patchouli 魔法の力は、いわば科学その物
The power of magic is like those of science.
Meaning, it's at the forefront of the times.
Patchouli あー、今日も魔法でお湯が沸く Ahhh, boiling water with magic today as well.


^ This is from an old Japanese religious belief, the "Holly Sardine" (Hiiragi Iwashi, 柊鰯). A holly branch stuck in the head of sardine was seen to drive oni away, because the needles of the branch sticks into their eyes and they hate sardine's smell.