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Remilia wins Reimu[edit]

Remilia なんか神社で肝試しとかやってるんだって?
You had a test of courage at the shrine?[1]
Why didn't you call me?
Remilia なんか、里にお寺が出来たみたいね


It seems there's a temple in the village now.

What makes it different from a shrine?

Remilia wins Marisa[edit]

Remilia あーやだね。夏の日射しは
Ah, man. In the summer,
a huge hat like that must be good for blocking sunlight.

Remilia wins Sakuya[edit]

Remilia 退屈だねぇ
So bored.
Go bring me someone interesting.
Remilia バザーに行きたいけど、河原じゃねぇ……


I want to go to the bazaar, but it's on the river plain....

I want to see the Hisou Tensoku....

Remilia wins Alice[edit]

Remilia あ、ゴーレム人形みたよ
Oh, I saw a golem doll.
It looked totally weak.

Remilia wins Patchouli[edit]

Remilia なんか、漫画とかおいてないの?
What, you don't have any manga or anything?
These are the only books you have.

Remilia wins herself[edit]

Remilia 吸血鬼は鏡に映らないってね
Vampires don't have reflections.
So this is simply an afterimage.

Remilia wins Yuyuko[edit]

Remilia 亡霊って今までゾンビだと思ってたけど
Until now, I thought of ghosts as just zombies, but you seem different.
I wonder where the mummies are?

Remilia wins Yukari[edit]

Remilia え? 白か黒か?
Huh? White or black?
Aren't bats always black? [2]

Remilia wins Suika[edit]

Remilia グレープよりスイカの方が肉片っぽいねぇ You know, watermelons look more like slices of meat than grapes. [3]

Remilia wins Aya[edit]

Remilia 文字書くの面倒くさいね。新聞みたいに
Writing is a pain.
How do you write so neatly in newspapers?

Remilia wins Iku[edit]

Remilia 聞いたよ。龍宮の使いって、なんかすんごく
I've heard that oarfish are a really rare kind of fish.
Remilia 聞いたよ



I've heard that oarfish are a really rare kind of fish.

Hmmm... I should let Sakuya know as soon as possible.
She has a soft spot for rare ingredients.

Remilia wins Tenshi[edit]

Remilia へー、桃以外にも丹とか食べるんだね
Ehh, so other than peaches, you also eat pills?
Do you eagerly chew on Jintan and the such? [4]

Remilia wins Sanae[edit]

Remilia へえ、風を吹かしたりするだけで
Heh, so you can become a god just by making the wind blow, huh?

Remilia wins Cirno[edit]

Remilia 妖精は本当に役に立たないねぇ Fairies are completely useless.

Remilia wins Meiling[edit]

Remilia あの漫画どうだった?
How was that manga?
Was it interesting?

Remilia wins Utsuho[edit]

Remilia 太陽は苦手…… I rather dislike the sun...

Remilia wins Suwako[edit]

Remilia なんかあんた、ちょこまか動いているようね
You seem to be in constant motion.
I thought fighting you would be interesting, but...


^  See Oriental Sacred Place chapters 3 and 4.
^  Yukari could have been making a metaphor using "black and white" as an example of two separate things with a clear boundary.
^  This is a clumsy pun on suika, the Japanese word for watermelon.
^  Jintan is a Japanese drug that originated in 1905. It is hailed as the "Japanese aspirin".