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Suika wins Reimu[edit]

Suika なんか、山の麓にみんな集まってるよ?
Why was everyone gathering at the foot of the mountain?
Was something there?

Suika wins Alice[edit]

Suika なんか、もっと大きな人形を作ったとか
Hey, how about you build a bigger doll,
then show it to me, alright?

Suika wins Yukari[edit]

Suika 今日も退屈だねぇ
Today's a bore too.
Come to me with something interesting.

Suika wins Iku[edit]

Suika しかし、龍宮はどこにあるんかねぇ
But where's the Dragon Palace?
Don't tell me it's at the bottom of the sea!

Suika wins Sanae[edit]

Suika なんか大人しい巫女かと思ったら
I thought you were just a quiet shrine maiden,
but that's not right at all, huh?

Suika wins Cirno[edit]

Suika 有象無象じゃ相手にならないね I don't need riffraff as opponents.

Suika wins Meiling[edit]

Suika 非力だねぇ
Powerless, huh?
What if you train your body some more?

Suika wins Utsuho[edit]

Suika まさかさとりの家の下にこんな奴がいるとはね
Unbelievable! Someone like you was under Satori's home?
You sure surprised me!
Suika もしかしたら、こいつを使って地底の灼熱地獄を


If she's used to revive the Hell of Blazing Fires, then it could become a new business.

I feel that she'd do a much better job than the tengu.
Though the New Hell would criticize it for being too warm.

Suika wins Suwako[edit]

Suika それにしても、勝手に地底世界に行ったり
Anyway, you sure are something special
to be able to go to the underground world whenever you want.