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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Suika's Script

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Suika wins Reimu

Suika なんか、山の麓にみんな集まってるよ?
Why was everyone gathering at the foot of the mountain?
Was something there?

Suika wins Alice

Suika なんか、もっと大きな人形を作ったとか
Hey, how about you build a bigger doll,
then show it to me, alright?

Suika wins Yukari

Suika 今日も退屈だねぇ
Today's a bore too.
Come to me with something interesting.

Suika wins Iku

Suika しかし、龍宮はどこにあるんかねぇ
But where's the Dragon Palace?
Don't tell me it's at the bottom of the sea!

Suika wins Sanae

Suika なんか大人しい巫女かと思ったら
I thought you were just a quiet shrine maiden,
but that's not right at all, huh?

Suika wins Cirno

Suika 有象無象じゃ相手にならないね I don't need riffraff as opponents.

Suika wins Meiling

Suika 非力だねぇ
Powerless, huh?
What if you train your body some more?

Suika wins Utsuho

Suika まさかさとりの家の下にこんな奴がいるとはね
Unbelievable! Someone like you was under Satori's home?
You sure surprised me!
Suika もしかしたら、こいつを使って地底の灼熱地獄を


If she's used to revive the Hell of Blazing Fires, then it could become a new business.

I feel that she'd do a much better job than the tengu.
Though the New Hell would criticize it for being too warm.

Suika wins Suwako

Suika それにしても、勝手に地底世界に行ったり
Anyway, you sure are something special
to be able to go to the underground world whenever you want.