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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Suwako's Script

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Suwako wins Reimu

Suwako ああ、うちの早苗にも分けてやりたいね
Ahh, I wish you could share some of your
recklessness with our Sanae.

Suwako wins Marisa

Suwako たまには山の上の神社にもお参りしに来ると良いよ You should visit the shrine on the mountain too sometimes.

Suwako wins Sakuya

Suwako ちゃんと食べ物の神様にも感謝している?
Have you offered your thanks to the god of food?
You'll get cursed, you know?

Suwako wins Alice

Suwako あら? おしらさまを作ってるの? Oh? Do you make Oshirasama dolls?

Suwako wins Patchouli

Suwako 神様の力無くして魔法なんて使えないでしょ? If gods lose their power then magic can't be used, you know?

Suwako wins Youmu

Suwako 幽霊は神社に近寄らない方が良いかもねー Phantoms better not hang around the shrine~

Suwako wins Remilia

Suwako 蝙蝠を縁起の良いとする人達もいるよ
There also exist people who believe in bats as good omens.
However even with such trivial amounts of faith, one could become a god, right? [1]

Suwako wins Yuyuko

Suwako 亡霊をずっと放って置くなんて
Leaving a dead ghost here like this.
Maybe there are no gods in the afterlife.

Suwako wins Yukari

Suwako あら、うちの神社には貴方の忍び込む隙間は無いわよ Oh my, our shrine really doesn't have any cracks you can slip through.

Suwako wins Suika

Suwako 貴方、地底の住人だったのね?
Were you a resident of the underworld?
It's flourishing now, thanks to nuclear energy.

Suwako wins Reisen

Suwako 貴方の処に色々神様が居るって聞いたけど I heard that there are all kinds of gods where you come from.

Suwako wins Aya

Suwako 写真に写りそうもない輩が多い気がするんだけど…… I have a feeling that there are many here whose photos have never been taken.

Suwako wins Komachi

Suwako 死は不浄なんだよねー
Death is impure~
Shinigami are not gods.

Suwako wins Iku

Suwako 龍宮の使い、かあ
An oarfish?
I've seen them dried.

Suwako wins Tenshi

Suwako 天人だってなんの拠り所も無く生きられる筈が無い
Celestials don't count on anything and have no expectations in life.
So then, they are always ready to worship properly, right?

Suwako wins Sanae

Suwako さ、もっと稽古よ、稽古
Train more and more!
Until you're so strong that those below the mountain are afraid of you!

Suwako wins Cirno

Suwako 蛙は寒さに弱いのさー
Frogs are weak against cold.
Not going against nature is the most natural way to live.

Suwako wins Meiling

Suwako 我ら日本の神様はどのような者でも受け入れるのよ
We Japanese Gods accept all kinds of followers!
Because there's more than 8 million of us we can't really do any rejecting anymore...

Suwako wins Utsuho

Suwako 順調順調、今日も愚直な妖怪のお陰で
Looking good! Looking good! Today, as well, thanks to the straight-forward and honest youkai,
nuclear energy is being used for peaceful purposes only.

Suwako wins herself

Suwako 神様は無限に分けられるのよね~ Gods can split themselves infinitely~
Suwako ああ、そろそろ地上を恐怖のどん底に
Ahh, it's a good time to trick those who live aboveground into confronting their deepest fears isn't it?

Suwako wins someone

Suwako さてと、証拠隠滅、証拠隠滅
Now, destroy the evidence, destroy the evidence.
Picking on someone in a place like this can't be good for a god's reputation.
Suwako さあさあ、まだ時間があるよ!
Now now, there's still more time!
Rematch! Rematch!
Suwako もっと大地を敬おうよ
呪われても知らないよ? へへ
Pay more respect to the earth.
Otherwise, who knows? You might even get cursed. Heh heh.


^ Translators' Note: In China, a bat is seen as the symbol of happiness, from the phonetic and literal similarity of "biān fú" (bat, 蝙蝠) with "piān fú" (uneven happiness, 偏福).