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Tenshi wins Iku[edit]

Tenshi なんか、間欠泉が湧いたりしたみたいだけど
The geysers seem to be gushing up lately.
They don't have anything to do with the keystone, probably.

Tenshi wins Sanae[edit]

Tenshi 能を誇れば功を喪うだろう
To boast of one's talents is to lose one's merits, don't you agree?
You should be aware that before you were a god, you were a mere human. [1]

Tenshi wins Cirno[edit]

Tenshi 憤りに食を忘れ、楽しみに憂いを忘れる。孔子が
With passion you forget to eat, with joy you forget your worries. Maybe the lifestyle that Confucius strived for was one like yours. [2]

Tenshi wins Meiling[edit]

Tenshi 泰山は土壌を譲らず、貴方を置いてもらえる
Mount Tai does not let its soil run. You should thank the devil who could put you here. [3]

Tenshi wins Utsuho[edit]

Tenshi ねえ、貴方が地上に出てきたの
地震と関係無いよね? ね?
Say, you're not related to the earthquake on the surface, right? Right?
Tenshi 貴方一人?


You're by yourself?

There were a number of things that came out from the underground.
Are they your friends?

Tenshi wins Suwako[edit]

Tenshi 徳は怨みの本なり
Virtue is the source of vendetta.
Curse Gods originally manifested from divine virtures. [4]


^ First line is a quote from the Book of Documents
^ First line is a quote from Confucius as he described himself, recorded in The Analects.
^ The quote, from Records of the Grand Historian, is a metaphor for a leader who could include and tolerate subjects however humble or deviant.
^ The first line is a line from the Chinese philosophical text Guanzi.